Varsity Soccer: Rebuilding a New Team Without Seniors


Marie Lacke '16

The Montrose Varsity Soccer team approaches their new season without senior players. Coach Booth remains confident that this year’s team is prepared: “The team is filled with returning players at many grade levels who are strong and confident. In fact, this may make the team even stronger next year.”

This year’s team consists of seven juniors, three sophomores, four freshman, and one eighth grader. The players reflected on the absence of seniors. Julia Gibson ‘16 said, “I think that there is a certain point where age doesn’t necessarily matter. It’s how hard the team works and what skills they are able to develop.” Team captain Lauren Francis ‘16 said, “I think that it strengthens our team and my confidence in the team because I see younger players rising to new challenges and taking on more leadership roles than they would otherwise.”

Overall, the team does not seem affected by the lack of seniors. Each player has a chance to develop more skills in positions that they may not be used to, and can receive more one-on-one attention from Coach Gibson and Coach Booth. Each player has maintained confidence, is working her hardest and remembers that age does not matter on the field.

Coach Gibson and Coach Booth agree that the team works well as a unit. So far, the team has gone head to head with Brewster Academy, Dana Hall, Waring, Lexington Christian Academy, Gann, and Brimmer. On Wednesday, September 17, team captains Lauren Francis ‘16 and Catherine Conroy ‘16 lead the team to their third win of the season against Brimmer with a final score of 9-0. Coach Booth reflects:  “In our most recent game I was very proud of the total team effort, positive attitude, and never-quit mentality that the team displayed.” After three losses, the recent victories against Waring, Brimmer and Gann reflect the team’s “never give up” mentality. Every day, the team becomes more cohesive and comfortable with each other. Jasmin Herrera ‘18 said: “I think the team works really well together. When we all have positive attitudes, our team works really well.”

It is just the beginning to an adventurous season, but the girls on the team maintain positive attitudes on and off of the field. Captains Lauren Francis ‘16 and Catherine Conroy ‘16 encourage an optimistic spirit throughout the team. “I love being a captain!” says Lauren. “Catherine and I have learned that it’s the little things our teammates love the most. Whether it’s giving them a high five, giving them a compliment on a play that they made, or rewarding everybody with some candy after a hard week of tryouts, our teammates love the positive energy.”

Overall, the season is looking good for the new and returning players on the Montrose Varsity soccer team. “We win together, we lose together and we stand by each other no matter the circumstance” said Captain Lauren Francis.