Meet Montrose Basketball Coach Conroy

Meet Montrose Basketball Coach Conroy

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Katie Stordy '17

The basketball season is now in full swing.  Our Montrose varsity team has been executing its plays, seizing fast break opportunities, and working as a team.  The big question is: Who is the brains behind the operation?

John Conroy is in his third year as coach of the varsity basketball team, and he is the father of Catherine Conroy ‘16, who is co-captain of the team with Lindsay Lombardo ‘15.  Coach Conroy has been coaching sports since he was in college.  He played basketball for Canton High School as a teenager and started refereeing and coaching Canton youth basketball as a college student.  Later, since Coach Conroy had children, he coached basketball, baseball, and soccer.  He coached his son’s teams and currently coaches his daughter Jacqueline’s Metro basketball team, which has been the Metro Division 1 Champions for the last three years.

Coach Conroy stresses that he wants everyone on the team to contribute to every game.  He wants everyone to score throughout the game and strives to have each person contribute to the success of the team.  He said that while he has coached several basketball teams, coaching Montrosians is the most rewarding coaching experience.  He said, “It [Montrose] is a great place with special girls.”

In addition to Coach Conroy’s coaching responsibilities, he is a Sergeant on the Massachusetts State Police.  Mr. Conroy works the night shift (11:00 PM to 7:00 AM), so his schedule doesn’t interfere with coaching unless he has to appear in court during the day.

Mr. Conroy stated that the worst part of his job was seeing people injured because his number one priority is always keeping people safe.  He said that the best part of his job is going to schools and interacting with the students.  He explained that students always have lots of interesting questions.

While Mr. Conroy enjoys being competitive on the court, his primary focus is always making sure we have fun and are safe both on and off the court.  Mr. Conroy shared some safety advice for teenagers:

  • “Wear your seatbelt whether you are passenger or a driver.”

  • “Obey the speed limits, whether you are driving with your parents or your friends.”

  • “Concentrate when you are driving.  It is important not to drive distracted, whether it’s a loud radio or texting.”

  • “You should not be afraid to approach a police officer: We are there to help you. You should never hesitate to reach out to us if you are feel that you are lost or in a difficult or dangerous situation.”

Thank you Coach Conroy for all you do to support Montrose basketball and to keep us safe!