Senior Athletes Reflect on how Montrose Sports Prepared them for College Play

Margaret Sparicio ‘16

As graduation approaches, and senior athletes look back on their years at Montrose, some are also looking forward to playing team sports in college. Graduates Lindsay Lombardo and Katrin O’Grady reflected back on their athletic preparation at Montrose as they prepare to continue competitive team sports in college.

During her years playing sports at Montrose, Lindsay said that she “gained confidence, time management, teamwork, drive and passion” by playing competitive sports throughout her high school career. “Montrose taught me not only to be a good player on the court but also a good teammate off the court,” added Lindsay.

Katrin said that that the competitive nature of Montrose athletics, combined with the spirit of Montrose athletics, has helped her “mentally prepare for events like focusing on positive aspects and not worrying about anything that’s out of my control.” She hopes to “foster the same environment in college.”

Lindsay Lombardo will compete as a division 3 collegiate athletes for Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services. Lindsay explained that division 3 level play would help her balance her academic goals. She said that she’ll be “in a doctorate program so it was the best way to balance my academics but also still have athletics in my college experience.”

Senior Katrin O’Grady will be attending Macalester College in the fall. She will be running for the college’s cross-country and track teams while participating in the cross-country ski club. Katrin said that her ability to “set achievable goals, learn and draw new strategies from failures, and be a good teammate” are skills she learned at Montrose.