Staying Fit at Vinebrook


Elizabeth Raine '16


The exercise room at Vinebrook has been called the “Montrose version” of Planet Fitness. But what exactly goes on in the daily life of that exercise room? Vinebrook has seen numerous students running on treadmills, stretching with yoga, and playing competitive games of ping pong. Students usually bring their friends and encourage one another to have fun while exercising.

Due to the growing popularity of Vinebrook’s fitness center after school, Athletic Director Mrs. Blackburn had to shut down the facility to make some repairs and to establish some faculty supervision. Mrs. Blackburn explained: “It is exciting how many students are making exercise in the fitness center a daily priority. We just need to ensure the students’ safety, which we will do by ensuring updated maintenance on the equipment and supervision. When students return from February vacation, the place will be in tip-top share and available to all during specified after-school hours.

Hannah Ford ‘16 loves Vinebrook because, she says, “It’s fun! I can work out with my friends right after school. Our workouts aren’t too hardcore. It’s awesome because you get your heart rate up to relieve stress before doing homework afterwards.”

Other students love Vinebrook because they can work out to strange routines without judgement. Carolyn Walsh and Gabby Leonard ‘16 are active users of Vinebrook who work out to exercise videos on Carolyn’s laptop. “We love “blogilates.” We do the same routine at different paces to every song on my laptop. It’s a surprisingly good workout. We do it to every song from ‘Stay’ by Rihanna to ‘7-11’ by Beyonce.”

As much as the students love playing music on the workout room’s radio, workers from the adjacent offices have complained about how loud the students blast their music. Students who wish to play music are reminded to consider the office workers who are working to make our school ever-better.

Overall, Vinebrook serves as an awesome workout center for students who need to stretch out and relieve stress. Also, “It’s nice there because there are no annoying people who are obviously showing off like at other gyms,” said Megan Bellavance ‘16. Any upper school Montrosian may exercise at Vinebrook as long as they have a buddy, making Vinebrook the place to be after school. Stay-tuned for more details after February vacation.