XC Team Competes in Division II Meet

Cross-Country team warms up with some yoga before the big meet!

Cross-Country team warms up with some yoga before the big meet!

Hannah Marino '18, Co-Sports Editor

On Saturday, September 17th, the Montrose Cross-Country team traveled to Tabor Academy  to participate in a Division II invitational meet. Montrose was the only Division IV team at the meet.

In the Varsity Girls’ Race, Ciara Young ‘18 ran a 21:16.9 minute 5k, placing in 12th place. Shortly behind Ciara, Mary Dyke ‘20 crossed the finish line in 14th place with a time of 21:18.0 minutes. Hannah Marino ‘18 finished the race in 21:21.0 minutes, resulting in 15th place. In the Junior Varsity Girls’ Race, Tess Farr ‘22 placed in 9th place, and shortly following her was Kasey Corra ‘22 in 12th place. Caroline Piorkowski ‘22 placed 13th.

Overall, Montrose placed 5th out of 10 participating teams, just one point away from beating Winsor School, who placed 4th. Montrose beat Rivers School, Sacred Heart Greenwich, Westminster School, Tabor Academy, and Pomfret School- all Division II teams! The Mavericks were extremely proud of their results, comparing their scores to Division II schools. The entire team ran their hardest and with much determination.

Congratulations, Mavericks, for an outstanding performance!