Fall 2016 Sports Banquet Tributes

Fall 2016 Sports Banquet Tributes

Alex Condrin '18, Contributing Writer

Every year, Montrose athletes are called to greatness. Montrose hosted the Fall Sports Banquet on November 21, 2016 to recognize the fall athletes’ hard work and triumphs. As Athletic Director Mrs. Blackburn explained at the banquet, “we not only celebrate great seasons and accomplishments, we also celebrate the day to day, the hard work, the camaraderie and life lessons we learn by being part of a team.” At the banquet, our athletes were honored for their leadership, tenacity, and skill.

Varsity Volleyball, Montrose’s newest team, had a wonderful first season. Coach Blackburn introduced the new sport eagerly as she exclaimed, “this was our inaugural season and my favorite season so far! Led and inspired by Captains Aine Ford ‘18 and Isabelle Hernon ‘19, the team was 19 players strong and welcomed 10 student athletes who participated on a Montrose team for the very first time.”

Coach: Jodi Blackburn

MVP: Captains Aine Ford ‘18 and Isabelle Heron ‘19

MIP: The whole team

110%: Courtney Accardi ‘20

Unsung Hero: Nora Clancy ‘18

IGC All Star: Aine Ford ‘18

JV Field Hockey had an impressive overall win statistic of 75%. Coach Blackburn said: “the girls worked so hard and were encouraging to each other at every practice. The displayed great sportsmanship and preserved right down to every last whistle at every game”. The girls played their hardest every time they stepped out onto the field, and should be very proud of their wonderful accomplishments.

Coach: Patti Bettinelli

MVP: Catherine Bettinelli ‘21 and Mariana Arena ‘22

MIP: Kat Devaney ‘21

110%: Nina Polansky ‘23?

Unsung Hero: Gillian Murray ‘23

Varsity Field Hockey had a successful season, ending in an overall win statistic of 50% . Coach Blackburn said: “this year our program has the usual nerves compounded by few players following a large graduating class, and a very limited game schedule. We lost a player in week 1 to a concussion, a captain in week 3 to injury, a starter plagued throughout the season by lung contractions, another starter plagued throughout the season with leg-muscle seizures, and a veteran player and captain both to a concussion in the last 2 weeks of the season. By mid-October we had 9 players to fill an 11 player team… so let’s just forget about substitutes. The girls had every opportunity to sour, turn on each other, or give up. But instead they embodied the words: Dedication, camaraderie, perseverance, and unified.They made note of each other’s needs and weaknesses, and targeted those to make sure no one succumbed. They sang, cheered, and literally picked each other up through tearing losses, and injuries. They trimmed 4 minutes off their start-of-season mile. There is no single highlight for these girls because they are the highlight: their dedication, camaraderie, unity, and perseverance”. No matter what the situation was the girls always found a way to push through and inspire others to not give up.

Coaches: Heather McLeod, Michelle Landes, and Taylor Landes

MVP: Molly Bowman ‘18

MIP: Campbell Dumont ‘20 and Emma Dunnington ‘19

110%: Keely Dumouchel ‘18

Unsung Hero: Hannah Melville ‘18

Captains: (Remain the same) Alex Condrin ‘18 and Molly Bowman ‘18

Varsity Soccer had an amazing season, ending in an 88.9% win statistic. Coach Blackburn gave tribute: “no single highlight stands out. I just found this season very interesting as so many things were DIFFERENT in a good way. The team was cohesive, hard working, respectful, and super supportive of each other.”

Coach: Karen Stamatakos

MVP: Ciara Dunn ‘18

MIP: Sarah McAuliffe ‘17

110%: Therese Schickel ‘18

Unsung Hero: Maria Lennon ‘20

Captains: Alexa Lombardo ‘17 and Valerie Valdivia ‘17 handed the roses over to Ciara

Dunn ‘18 and Maggie Gilbert ‘18

IGC All Stars: Ciara Dunn ‘18, Maggie Gilbert ‘18, Annie Irwin ‘19, and Maria Lennon


Cross Country had an incredible season, becoming the 2016 NEPSTA Division IV Champions! Coach Blackburn narrated something Coach Hill said: “I’ve been coaching athletics for a long time now, and I can honestly say I have never coached or even seen a team with such a depth of talent in my career to date. From a school with just under 200 students, Montrose’s Cross Country team is FIERCE”! The girls pushed their hardest and pounded the ground with every stride the took.”

Coach: Kate Hill

MVP: Mary Dyke ‘20

MIP: Kasey Corra ‘22

110%: Hannah Marino ‘18

Unsung Hero: Emily Bowman ‘19

Captains: Jensen Radner ‘17 Hannah Marino ‘18, and Ciara Young ‘18 handed over the

position to Francesca Dyke ‘18, Hannah Marino ‘18, and Ciara Young ‘18 (Upper school

captains) and Maria Farr ‘22 and Caroline Piorkowski ‘22 (Middle school captains)

NEPSAC All Stars: Kathleen Corra ‘22, Francesca Dyke ‘18, Mary Dyke ‘20, Hannah

Marino ‘18, and Ciara Young ‘18