Tribute: Varsity Field Hockey Coach McLeod

Tribute: Varsity Field Hockey Coach McLeod

Alex Condrin '18, Contributing Writer

As the school year is coming to an end the varsity field hockey team is losing a beloved member of our team, Coach. Coach. McLeod has been a crucial component to our team and we are going to miss her immensely. She has taught us what is means to be a team, how to support each other through difficult times, and how to push ourselves to become the players and teammates we can be. As the wise Kenny Chesney swiftly sums everything up, thank you coach “For all of your time and your heart and your soul. You deserve a lot more than a toast, but here’s to you, and thanks again. We’ll never forget you coach!” We are all so grateful to have has Mrs. McLeod as our coach, so we would like to honor her in a little tribute:

Keely Dumouchel ‘18  explained, “She was truly an amazing coach and teacher. I learned a lot from her when she was my coach for three years and teacher for two. I’m going to miss her so much and our field hockey team will never be the same.”

Mary McManmon ‘20 enthusiastically exclaimed, “Coach really taught me to push myself those last minutes of practice or a game where you didn’t think you could go any further. Her constant motivation and tips helped me to become a better player on and off the field.”

Ellie Barry ‘19  said, “She taught me to motivate others even when you are hurting. She taught me to ignore everything telling me I couldn’t and to push through it and prove then wrong. I will miss her constant belief in us that we can do whatever we set our mind to.”

Emma Dunnington ‘20 remarked, “Coach really helped me be the best player I could my first season. my second game ever, she believed in me enough to put me in as center mid, and kept on pushing me to do better and better. She helped me grow quickly in my field hockey skills, and really helped me with growing as a player.”

Coach McLeod has given me her final statements on how being the varsity field hockey coach has impacted her: “When I look back on my five years coaching field hockey here what stands out to me the most is how absolutely impressive and rather astounding it is that the program has accomplished so much – going from club to varsity – in such a short time amount of time, and that the players have tackled that goal with genuine enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and grace. I’ve coached a lot of teams and I’ve worked with a lot of players over the last 12 years, but this team has, without a doubt, been one of the most impactful experiences that I have had. I’ll consider myself lucky if I ever get to coach another program that maintains such a great attitude while setting such high goals for themselves.” 

Coach McLeod has left a truly special impact on all of us, and we are going to miss seeing her around the halls of Montrose and on the field so much! We wish her the best of luck in all of the new and exciting journeys life brings her.