Montrose Lacrosse Dominates League Rival Waring — In Contention for Shared IGC Championship


Mary McManmon '20, Staff Writer

Wednesday was a big game for Montrose Lacrosse, and they pulled out a big win after being neck-and-neck for most of the game against rival Waring. Molly Bowman was a superhero in the goal, and Annie Irwin ’19, Isabel Buckley ’18, Mary McManmon, Caroline Piorkowski ’22 and Anna Rose ’22 led the team in scores. Regina Crevier ’18, Therese Schickel ’18, Maria Lennon ’20, Katie Randall ’19, Julia McKenzie ’19, and Emma Dunnington ’19 — among countless others — played tough defense against some talented Waring players. If Varsity wins two more Independent Girls Conference games, the team will share the 2018 IGC Championship with Waring. Come Friday, May 11 for the Varsity  game against Dana Hall on Miracle Field this Friday to honor our six seniors that will be graduating. The team is very excited for the game because it will be out of league and it will be a challenge.

As the Montrose Varsity Lacrosse teams continues through the season, they have noticed a change in their schedules. After winning the IGC last year, Varsity has had the exciting opportunity to play games against teams in the league above them. Although this is a change, it is definitely a positive one. Facing more experienced teams has been a challenge, but it is one they are grateful to have because it is a time to dig deep and push harder and also grow as an athlete. Varsity currently holds an in league record of 3-1, but with the addition of our out of league games, their record is 4-2. Coach Irwin says, “The team has a very positive attitude, they aren’t afraid to work hard and are very encouraging with one another.” The last few games have been memorable.

On April 30th, Varsity, with high nerves and excitement, headed over to Newton to face Newton Country Day School. This was yet another out of league game that the team knew would be a challenge, but they stepped onto the field eagerly and gave it all they got till the scoreboard sounded. Annie Irwin ‘19, had an amazing game, scoring eight goals and almost never losing a draw. Her great speed and endless enthusiasm was especially prominent during the game. Alongside her was captain Isabel Buckley ‘18, who also had an amazing game and scored the remaining three goals. Although the final score of the game was 11-18, a loss, Varsity walked off the field feeling as if they had won. Varsity believes that losing in a game where you push yourself and your teammates feels a lot better than playing against a team that is of a lesser level than them. Isabel Buckey ‘18 says, “Although we lost, I think we played our game and rose to the occasion. Everyone persevered and worked together, something you love to see in a team.”

Additionally, Varsity had a game against CSW on May 2nd that was one to remember. Walking off the bus, Varsity was blindsided by the ninety-degree weather. Having not played in nice weather yet during the season, it took them some time to get used to it. Starting off very slowly, the team did their best to give a 100%, even though there was no shade. Molly Bowman’ 18, the beloved goalie, had an amazing game with only four let in goals out of countless attempts by the other team. Her amazing skills in net astounds the team and is at the center of what led us to the victory. Ending the game with a score of 17-4, Varsity left CSW not only covered in a lot of sweat, but with the excitement of another great win. Emma Dunnington ‘19 commented, “our team pushes through hard times during games, especially heat, with a smile, which is such a blessing during those hard moments and makes them worth it.”