8th/12th Grade Movie Night

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On Thursday night, October 8th, eighth graders and seniors came together at Montrose for an evening of pizza, fun, and, of course, a movie. This longstanding tradition is a way for Big and Little Sisters to bond at the beginning of the year and get to know each other better. This year’s movie night featured High School Musical 3, a general favorite among Big and Little Sisters.

Before the movie, everyone shared a pizza dinner dressed in pajamas and squished along one long table. Afterwards it was time for Big/Little Sister hide-and-seek, another part of the Movie Night tradition that seniors remember fondly from when they were in eighth grade. While the eighth graders counted with absolutely no peeking, the seniors scattered all over the school, hiding behind bookcases, under teachers’ desks and even behind the juniors’ box lockers on the hallway table. Eighth graders breathlessly enjoyed running around to find seniors, and the seniors also got into the game with creative hiding spots. Meagan Albertson ‘16 said, “It was fun to actually get to hide this year – I loved hiding around the school as a senior!” The  was a special highlight of the evening for many eighth and twelfth graders.

Everyone finally settled down to watch High School Musical 3 amid piles of blankets and pillows in the M&M. The movie’s many musical scenes became the perfect opportunity for Big and Little Sisters to sing and dance along with Troy and Gabriella. Tyra ‘16 commented, “dancing was probably my favorite part of the movie night – it was so much fun!” Between the energetic games, delicious dinner and shared movie-watching, this year’s Senior/Eighth Grade Movie Night was a wonderful success, adding to the many treasured memories created by this Montrose tradition.