Upcoming Italy Trip: Juniors & Seniors Gear up to Follow in the Footsteps of Dante


Kiki Karam '19, Opinions Editor

As the year winds down, seniors and juniors are getting more impatient for the Italy trip. This trip has been talked about since what feels like the beginning of time, with former students sharing:  “It is an experience you will never forget.” Having heard endless descriptions and shared memories, excitement for the trip increases by the minute; and, with only a few weeks left, juniors and seniors are ready to take off. After a year filled with tests, quizzes, and for some, college applications, a vacation among friends to one of the most vibrant and culturally rich countries is both a treat and a chance to dig deeper into history, culture, literature and faith. The trip lasts from June 14 to June 26th. Check on the blog for our upcoming Italy trip, and follow with your email to get updates later in June.

Juniors have studied Dante’s Inferno with Montrose’s resident Dante expert, Ms Rice, and they will be led by a professor in Italy who will guide our tours and share his expertise throughout the trip and through casual conversations at the villa, where he will stay with his family.

Olivia Hastie ‘18 said: “It’s really special to be able to visit a place so rich with history and vibrance with your best friends. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us. I couldn’t be more excited to immerse myself in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.”

Italy has been a significant influence at Montrose. We have read and acted out countless books and plays set in Italy. We’ve studied the Renaissance from many different angles, and we’ve realized the deep impact it has had on the rest of the world. We’ve seen glimpses of the city through different forms here at Montrose, and now students are enthusiastic about the real encounter. Nora Clancy ‘18 said: “ I’m excited to experience in person the history and culture we’ve been learning about for these past seven years at Montrose.”

Not only has Montrose fed our imaginations and hopes for the trip, but so have our favorite childhood movies. Jenna McCarthy, a junior,  stated that she holds hopes of having a “Lizzie McGuire moment,” which in layman’s terms is to meet a famous Italian pop star, fall in love, and then dump him when you find out he’s an auto-tuned demon. A more common Italian staple that many are excited about is the prospect of new and authentic Italian cuisine and drink. Jenna McCarthy added: “The thought of gelato in Italy has made the stresses of junior year somewhat tolerable.” She then quickly added — “also drinking wine.” Another junior expressed her excitement about the Italian food by focusing on one in particular: “pasta.” Whether for experiencing the culture, going on a trip with friends, or having hunger for exotic foods, the excitement for the Italy trip cannot be simmered.