Unforgettable Food and Family: A Thanksgiving Review

Scarlett Testa '23, Contributing Writer

Thanksgiving is a time to remember ones you love and be thankful for what you have. The Pilgrims’ and Wampanoags’ three-day feast put a start to this tradition in the fall of 1621. Many families this year, here at Montrose and across the United States, have celebrated Thanksgiving this past month with their families. Thanksgiving has a huge reputation for its food — especially the pie and turkey. Many girls at Montrose have different opinions on food and different ways their family carries out the holiday. “My Nan served brie mystery rolls, meatballs, soup, sorbet, more rolls, and then the turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and squash. I love her food, but there was just too much!” Elizabeth Barrett ‘23 said. Laurel Kelly ‘24 also said: “There was so much food, but my favorites were the turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.” 

While there was a variety, a lot of girls love stuffing. “My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing. I’ll never understand why I like it so much,” commented Anna Sheehan ‘21. This was the first time experiencing Thanksgiving and trying the food for many of our international students as well. “My favorite food is turkey, my least favorite is pie. I just feel it’s too sweet. This is my first time having Thanksgiving, it’s so much fun and baking food is very fun too,” said Ruby Yuan ‘23.

The significance of the Thanksgiving meal is very important to a lot of girls. “I think the whole concept of traveling or cooking a lot or willingly working for people when you’re not required to is a good reminder of how special these people are and how lucky we are to have them,” said Caroline Shannahan ‘23. Helen Olohan ‘24 added: “I think it’s special because it gives families a time to be together and talk and laugh.” Elizabeth Barrett 23 further added: “It brings everyone in a bond of ‘I want to eat more but I physically can’t!’ And then you thank God that you have this ‘problem’ because many other people are less fortunate.” 

Along with the eating and family bonding, dinner was lively for some. “This year my brother fell down the stairs, walked into a pole, and banged his head on the table…And I think everyone over-ate.” Theresa Marcucci ‘23 commented. Tori Morris said: “I spent most of my time playing with my younger cousin Hazel.” 

Thanksgiving was great for a lot of people, especially our Montrose community. Many girls commented only positive and funny things about their experience, and it’s truly a great way and time to thank God for everything we have. As Lucy Bachiochi ‘23 said: “It’s not the food that is special, but it is who you share the food with that are special.”