Spider Man Can Still Save Worlds: The Resolved Dispute Between Marvel and Sony


A common question people ask is “what is your favorite superhero?” The partiality toward one superhero generally boils down to something as simple as being a favorite actor, possessing a certain power, or even upholding a strong moral character. People tend to see themselves mirrored in the image of those who do what they cannot. Countless people have always seen something admirable in Marvel’s web-slinging superhero Spider-Man.

It’s quite true. Who doesn’t enjoy a fun-filled and humorous yet tough character who can fly through the air using webs? Because of how beloved Peter Parker/Spider-Man is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fanbase, people were devastated to hear the results of the August dispute between Disney and Sony over the rights to this character. It would not be far-fetched to imagine several fans uttering Peter’s painful words: “I don’t feel so good.” 

In the wake of Marvel’s most recent hit movie, Disney and Sony began to disagree over the rights to the beloved superhero in August of 2019. In short, Disney approached Sony, saying that they wanted a fifty-fifty claim on the profits of all future Spider-Man movies and even with those disconnected with the official MCU. Because Sony wasn’t willing to make such a jump, they refused and offered other alternatives. Because of the lack of agreement, Disney declared that Keven Fiege, Marvel Studios’ producer, would not be able to do anymore work on future Spider-Man movies. 

Several fans had communicated their distress and disappointment. Jenn Uche ‘22 added her thoughts:  “I was confused at first, then shocked, then sad.” It seemed to be a dark time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase. However, on 27 September 2019, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures announced that Spider-Man would, in fact, be returning to the MCU; both companies had finally reached an agreement. Millions of Marvel fans must have breathed a sigh of relief or even outright celebrated. After a huge scare and period of mourning, the beloved web-slinger was back in business.

Currently, Marvel and Sony are keeping fans mostly in the dark in regards to details, but it is known for sure that the financial logistics between the two companies are now satisfactory. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, hinted at new and exciting surprises planned for the future of Spider-Man.

To several fans, the hope that Parker would return had always remained, and they believed that some way, somehow, their favorite superhero would inevitably make a “homecoming” despite the fact that he was “far from home.” Now fans can begin to look forward to Spider-Man’s next movie on the big screen because the web-slinger’s third movie has been set for 16 July 2021. It appears Marvel and Sony’s brief Spider-Man snap did not in fact, make him disappear into dust for good, and thankfully, Marvel fans across the world can continue to see their favorite superhero on the big screen.