The Looking Glass

They were above me/ Right in my home

Baroque Skies

Elisabeth Smith '28, Co-Assistant Editor-in-Chief
May 6, 2024
A cross with a purple ribbon symbolizing that it is the Lenten Season

Lent Acrostic Poem

Eloisa Pap '30, Staff Writer
February 20, 2024
A small twisting road through the woods

Merry Robin, Kisses, and Meat

Elisabeth Halberstadt ‘27, Contributing Writer
February 14, 2024
The mysterious figure loomed over me, a knife gleaming under their cloak.

The Dreamwalker

Regina Maricich '29, Staff Writer
February 11, 2024
It covers the earth/ in glimmering white/ snow


Elisabeth Smith ’28, Middle School Editor
January 28, 2024
A deer in the headlights


Lucy DeMeo '24, Arts and Entertainment Editor
January 14, 2024
Jane Eyre, the heroine who inspired a personal reading revolution.

Meeting Jane

Lara Cratty '27, Contributing Writer
January 1, 2024
Milk and Cookies for Santa

Christmas Poem

Eloisa Pap '30, Staff Writer
January 1, 2024
A cozy Christmas scene

Christmas at a Glimpse

Maryrose Mahoney ‘29, Staff Writer
December 3, 2023
Tips of golden yellow and crimson red…

Dancing Leaves

Elisabeth Smith '28, Middle School Editor
December 1, 2023
Inside the house, smells are rising

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

Eloisa Pap '30, Contributing Writer
November 17, 2023
First Day of School 2023

Montrose School Acrostic Poem

Sarah Tea '30, Contributing Writer
November 9, 2023
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