MS Book Recommendations

Recently, Middle School Coordinator and English teacher Mrs. Roberts created a list of book suggestions for the middle school. The “What We’re Reading” list is a table with every middle schooler’s name in a row where students can recommend books that they’ve been reading and view others’ recommendations. All middle school students have access, so be sure to go and check that out! It’s an awesome resource with lots of suggestions, and you can add your own.

During quarantine, I have been reading a lot. I have so much time to enjoy many books, and my entire family has been reading. But I have been especially enjoying a lot of long series. Here are five of my favorite books and series! (Yes, I know they are all Fantasy, but I promise that I read other genres!)

  1. The Keeper of the Lost Cities I love this series! Shannon Messenger creates a world where all of the fantasy creatures are real. A girl named Sophie is actually an elf, and she goes to a fancy world of glamour and luxury. All elves have different abilities or powers. Sophie is adopted by a couple and lives a life as a telepath, (think mind reader)and she has a love interest. It is definitely an all-around an interesting story. Book number eight-and-a-half comes out soon, and I am so excited!
  2. Percy Jackson– This and all the other series by Rick Riordan are wonderful. This is a great series that centers around Greek Mythology as if it is set in current times. It follows a Demigod named Percy. He has to survive among the Greek gods and mythological creatures, some friendly but others dangerous. Percy hangs out with other demigods, who all have one godly parent, and a satyr, who is part human and part goat, named Grover. There are six action-packed adventure books in the series. There are a lot of different series from Rick Riordan centered around Greek mythology. 
  3. Harry Potter– This is an excellent series by JK Rowling. (Shout out to Trivia Bowl, her full name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling!) I have loved this series for a long time and asked my mother to read the first one to me when I was six. Essentially it’s a world where an orphan boy learns that he is a wizard and goes to a school that teaches magic. The seven books focus on Harry fighting with his friends Ron and Hermine to defeat the evil wizard who killed Harry’s parents, Voldemort. 
  4. Fablehaven (and Dragonwatch)– This series is by Brandon Mull. I have only really read Fablehaven, which follows a brother and sister, Seth and Kendra, who live in a world inhabited by magical creatures. I also included the name of a second series that follows the same people and continues the narrative started in the Fablehaven series. There are six books in the Fablehaven series and two so far in the Dragonwatch series. 
  5. Rose Legacy– I would definitely recommend this series or any other works by the author, Jessica Day George. This is the newest of all of her books. After the most recent addition to the series ended with a ginormous cliffhanger, I am extremely excited to read the third one. It follows a young girl who can talk to horses. I also enjoy her Tuesdays at the Castle and Dragon Slippers series. While the characters in her books change, Jessica Day George always writes strong heroines that experience compelling adventures.

There are a bunch of other amazing book suggestions and genres, so go check out that document!

– Amelia White ’25, Middle School Editor