A&E: The Best of The Office’s Jim and Pam

Most of you probably already know that I am obsessed with romantic comedies, or any fling of romance in a television show. One of my favorite shows, The Office, has so many office romances that captivate me each and every episode. The most notable are Angela and Dwight, Phyllis and Bob, Kelly and Ryan, Roy and Pam, Jim and Karen, and my absolute favorite, Jim and Pam. Kevin put it best: Jim and Pam are PB and J (Pam Beasley and Jim). Here are a few fan favorite episodes to watch that serve as important milestones in Jim and Pam’s relationship.

*The Office spoilers ahead!*

“A Benihana Christmas” Part 1

This Christmas episode showcases a Benihana Christmas Party at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, PA. There is a Secret Santa, cookies, a Christmas Tree, and of course, Angela’s uptight behavior. Jim has been in love with Pam ever since she started working there, but has not been able to tell her his true feelings because Pam is engaged to Roy, another fellow Dunder Mifflin employee. Jim gives her a tea pot filled with different memories of their “friendship” and writes a love note that he decides not to give to her. Spoiler alert: Pam receives the letter in a later episode. 

“Beach Games”

After Jim decides he can’t wait for Pam, he takes a job at Dunder Mifflin in Stamford, CT. There, he begins to date Karen Phillipelli. In season three, the Scranton and Stamford branches merge, and, in the “Beach Games” episode, Michael makes his employees compete in challenges to see who is best fit to lead the office when he takes a job at corporate headquarters in New York. One of the challenges is to walk across hot coals. No one accepts this dare (it’s dangerous!) but Pam. After Pam walks across the rocks, she feels she has the courage to tell Jim her feelings for him, and that she does (in front of everyone!!!). 

“The Job” Part 2

In this episode, Michael, Jim, and Karen all interview for the position at corporate headquarters in New York City. When Karen and Jim leave Scranton early for the day, they decide to spend their hours together before their interviews in the city. Karen asks Jim if he would move with her to New York City if she got the job. He feels very pressured, finds a note from Pam in his briefcase, and decides to return to Scranton to ask her out for the first time in their relationship. 

“Money” Part 2

In this episode, one of the other office romances, Angela and Dwight, are having some issues. Angela has broken up with Dwight after he killed her beloved cat, Sprinkles. Dwight feels terrible and the only person to lift him out of his heartbrokenness is his best friend, Jim. When Jim explains his story to Dwight to make him feel better, Jim is reminded of his love for Pam. After he finishes with Dwight, he walks right up to Pam and kisses her.

“Weight Loss” Part 2

While Pam is away at art school, Jim really misses glancing at her every 30 seconds from his desk at work. They have been seeing each other every few days and Skyping, but that is not enough for Jim. In this episode, he meets her halfway between Scranton and Pam’s school and finally proposes at a very romantic gas station in the rain.

“Niagara” Parts 1 and 2

These two episodes are packed with many laughs, a wedding, dance parties, flash mobs, and more. Jim and Pam finally get married. The amount of sweet, loving things that Jim says to Pam makes my heart melt every single time I watch it. I am probably guilty of watching this three times in the past three months.

“The Delivery” Parts 1 and 2

After Jim and Pam get married, they have two children. Their first, Cee-Cee, is delivered in these episodes. Again, Jim’s loving remarks about his wife and baby girl have me wanting to grab the tissues and ball my eyes out.

“A.A.R.M” Part 2

Jim has taken a big job at Athlead in downtown Pennsylvania. It has put a large strain on their relationship. Jim has put so much of their money in the company and commutes back and forth between his two lives. Pam is afraid that their marriage is going to end. In one of the final episodes of the show, Jim makes a video tape with all of their best moments on it and gives her the love letter that he was too afraid to give earlier. He proves to Pam that their relationship will be forever and he loves her so much.

Though there are many more Jim and Pam moments throughout the nine seasons, these are just a few of my personal favorites. Now that Semester 1 has ended, treat yourself to your favorite junk food, your comfiest pajamas, a subscription to Peacock, and a lot of giggles.

Kate Novack ’24, Staff Writer