Walrus: What is in a Breath?

Olivia Lipson '25, Staff Writer

The slow inhale 

 Flows through my lungs and  exhales out, again and again 

A constant cycle of life that ends and begins

A breath without evaluation or even a quick thought 


Sometimes I sit and ask myself What is in a breath? 

A breath is my memories in one single moment 

It blows in and out like my emotions 

Breathing is my will to live in one swift movement


My breath is compiled of familiar faces 

The darkest of moments and light places

The colors streaked across dusk and dawn 

and the beautiful birds that glide through the rainbows 

One single breath is my memories in one bundle 

Surrounding them are my colorful emotions 

All the times I fell 

All the times I ran 

All the times I soared 

All the times I let me fingers run through the tangled grass

All the times I looked up to the sky 

All the times that I have smiled and cried 

All the times that I have loved and been loved

My whole life is documented in one inhale and exhale 

Olivia Lipson ’25, Staff Writer