Beauty and the Beast at Montrose


Montrose’s middle school musical opens this Friday, November 12.

If you’ve stayed after school at Montrose lately, chances are you may have heard singing through the hallways or perhaps, even caught a glimpse of a number. You may not have previewed any aspects of the middle school play yet, but you’ll be able to go see Beauty and the Beast Jr. on November 12 at seven PM and November 13 at six PM (Update: December 10th and 11th). In the meantime, the actresses and tech crew have been working hard to get the performance ready. We are busy rehearsing three times a week, learning songs, scenes, and choreography for iconic songs such as “Be Our Guest” and “Gaston.” Rehearsals are always busy and productive with actresses running lines or doing homework if they are not in the scene.  

This week (November 7-13) will be our tech week, and we will be rehearsing even longer — from the end of school until seven. Tech week is incredibly important. Several crew members are helping out backstage, who are truly vital to the organization of the musical; they have to operate complicated costumes, props, and technology. 

We also have an amazing director, Mrs. Rios. Bea White ‘27 said: “Mrs. Rios is a really good director and is always there to help if you need it, whether it’s with blocking, singing, or even just general information about the musical, she is there.” Lucy Elliffe ‘26 said: “The costumes are amazing. Emma [Emma Judge ‘22] is really good at doing that stuff. Also, Mrs. Marge is putting in so much work to make beautiful set pieces for us.” You can be sure everyone involved is working tirelessly to put together this classic Disney story. 

 Even if you already know what happens in Beauty and the Beast, you can enjoy what is sure to be an incredible production. Support your fellow students, and see the product of all the hard work we’ve put into the show for the past few months. Why wouldn’t you want to see all the amazing songs, dances, and scenes, along with incredible costumes and sets? Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale that you won’t want to miss being performed at Montrose.


by Amy DeWinter ’27, Contributing Writer