Local Dance Studio’s Annual Production of The Nutcracker

Local dance studio, Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center, will perform the Nutcracker this December.

Abigail Scollins '25

Local dance studio, Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center, will perform the Nutcracker this December.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and for those who love dance, The Nutcracker is a beloved tradition. With the magical storyline and sounds of Tchaikovsky’s compositions, it completely embodies the Christmas spirit. The famous ballet has been around since 1892, but now productions of the show can be seen everywhere, from the world’s biggest stages right down to local theatres.

The story takes place at a family party on Christmas Eve, following young protagonist Clara. Her godfather, Drosselmeyer, gives her a wooden soldier nutcracker. Unfortunately, it is soon broken by her mischievous younger brother Fritz. As the clock strikes midnight, the magic begins and right before Clara’s eyes, the Nutcracker comes to life! Clara turns into a princess as the parlor is turned into a battle scene. An epic fight between the Nutcracker and an evil Mouse Queen ensues. With the help of Clara, the Mouse Queen is defeated and the Nutcracker transforms into a prince. Together, the Prince and Clara go on an adventure to the Land of Snow and the Land of Sweets. To say the least, The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas fairytale.

The Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center, located in Franklin Massachusetts, is celebrating its 20th anniversary of the show. The rehearsal process, starting in early September and spanning through December, is very long and rigorous. During this time, students and staff work tirelessly to ensure that the show runs smoothly. According to owner Patti Eisenhauer: “My favorite part of the rehearsal process is just seeing all the pieces come together.” So, as you can imagine, it was heartbreaking to have to cancel the shows last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When I asked her about it, she responded: “I was extremely sad for the dancers and staff, and I fought tears for months. We are so thankful to be able to have the show this year!”

For me, the show has been a huge part of my life. For the past nine years, I have been a part of The Nutcracker. It’s simply not the Christmas season without it! I look forward to the many hours spent at the studio every year in preparation. I love the excitement and adrenaline backstage. But most of all, I treasure the memories I have made. During my time in the show, I have played countless different roles, starting as a gingerbread at age five and going on to play the roles of Young Clara in 2019 and Mature Clara in both of this year’s matinee performances. 

This year, the students and staff of Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center are putting on four shows. The shows will be taking place at Bellingham High School on Saturday, December 11th at 1:30 and 5:30 PM, and Sunday, December 12th at 12:30 and 3:30 PM. Due to COVID masks will be required. Tickets are $18 and can be ordered by using the link HERE (it can also be found at pattieisenhauerdancecenter.com/events).  For any questions, you can call or email the Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center Office at 508-520-7873 or pedcnews@gmail.com.


by Abigail Scollins ’25, Contributing Writer