The First Coffeehouse of the Year!


Erika Torok '22

Jenn Uche ’22 reading a poem at this year’s first coffeehouse event.

Calling all musicians and poets! The first Coffeehouse of the year was on Tuesday, February 1st at Student Life, and we are in need of performers for future ones. Whether it be playing an instrument, singing, or performing poetry, all artists are welcome. And if you didn’t get a chance to perform on February 1st, there will be more on the Tuesdays to come.

These past few years, the Coffeehouse has been held online, so it is so exciting that this one could be held in person. Students in the past have played their guitar, bass, or ukulele while singing, but if you don’t know how to play any instruments, that’s okay too! Many performers have used karaoke tracks instead. Emily Nelson ’20 originated the idea for the Coffeehouse and gathered musicians from around the upper school to perform at lunches. As Montrose went online, so did the Coffeehouse. Two years ago, Emma Barry ’22 and I performed on Zoom along with a few students who have graduated, and it was a lot of fun. I never got to experience the Coffeehouse live, so I am beyond excited to bring it back in person after all this time. Also, middle schoolers are now able to participate! From what I saw in the middle school musical Beauty and the Beast, there is definitely a lot of talent there. 

Most importantly, whatever talent you have, whatever grade you are in, you should share it with the community. I know it may be nerve-racking performing in front of a live audience, but everyone in the audience is so supportive, and they are just grateful that you are bringing your music to Montrose.

In addition to live music and performances, Bake a Change sells treats in the cafeteria, so you can enjoy a snack or two before the performance starts. 

I hope to see you in Student Life for future Coffeehouses!


If you want to participate, email Elyza Tuan at

If you’d like to bake for Bake a Change, email Meredith Baker at or Ava Russo at


Elyza Tuan ‘23, Co-Assistant Editor-in-Chief