Books or Movies?


Godfrey Hibbert for American Public Media

Should you read the book or watch the movie? Lilly-Rose and Chloe weigh in.

This subject is very controversial, so it’s hard to say. Many people argue that the book should be read first because it can describe what is going on in the story more fluently. Others state that the movie is a better choice because all the scenes are put into action, and you can visualize it. 

Books develop your imagination, are much more detailed than films, improve your writing, and are proven to help you get better jobs. Meanwhile, films can help you interact socially and are quicker to watch.

If a novel has been turned into a film, we think you should always read the novel first because it enhances your imagination more. Moreover, you should read the book first, as the author probably imagined the plot differently than the movie’s directors did.

For example, in a book, they could have a five-paragraph-long character description and backstory, but in the movie, that could be a second’s worth of time, and nobody would know anything about said character until someone talks about them. You can imagine how the character looks and acts, but in the movie, the director decides how they look. Books are also more detailed and develop your imagination, while movies show you what happens directly. 

Many people are very undecided about this topic. Some choose to look at both choices fondly. Concerning The Hunger Games, Kelly Ladino 27 said: I love reading and have read countless novels, but it is still easy to say that The Hunger Games is, by far, my favorite book series. The movies are so wonderful as well, and you can really tell the amount of love, time, and effort put into them by both the cast and crew. If you have not read or watched The Hunger Games, I highly recommend!”

Even though many people prefer reading the book, some prefer watching the movie. For instance, many would watch The Wizard of Oz or The Chronicles of Narnia rather than read the book. The movie is easier to understand than the book, and these two movies are timeless classics.

Reading books can give you many more details than watching a movie and also helps brain function, among other things. Watching movies is great for social life and a great form of entertainment. Both help in stress relief and growth in knowledge and vocabulary.

Additionally, you can read a book anywhere you go. You don’t need a power source to charge your book, and you don’t need a television screen to watch it. Books are also easier to travel with.

Nobody can tell you how to read a book. Your English teacher can throw suggestions into your head, and your mom can tell you her favorite parts, but in the end, the way that you interpret a book is entirely up to you. However, movies tell you what to think. They use visual and sound effects to make you see and feel a certain way. There is nothing wrong with seeing a movie, but sometimes you miss out on the opportunity to express your imagination when you favor movies over books.

It’s really difficult to discern which is better, but ultimately, it is the reader or watcher’s decision. So that leads us to one question: 

Which do YOU think is better?

by Lilly-Rose Madani ’27 and Chloe Dias ’27, Contributing Writers and