“Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!”: Dirty Dancing Movie Review

Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing

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Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing

When I first heard “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” in Gilmore Girls (10/10 would recommend), I didn’t understand the reference from Dirty Dancing. My confusion led me to search the web for the origin of this iconic line (shoutout to Mrs. Nicholson for always encouraging my American Literature class to look up references we don’t know). I definitely made the right choice to look it up (if you know me, you know I love romantic movies, so this was a huge hit).

WARNING: a few spoilers ahead!!

Dirty Dancing is the story of a girl who spends a summer vacation at a resort with her family. She meets a guy, they fall in love, etc etc. It’s a basic plot. Except for the dancing and the drama (really, not SO basic, but I digress). Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) fall in love against all odds (definitely in my top 10 best couples). Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, Baby belonging to a wealthy, caring family and Johnny, without a place to call home. His entire welfare depends on the job he has at the resort as a dancer, which he could lose in a heartbeat if he became involved with anyone. He does lose his job because of his relationship, but he gains something much more important; love. Yes, the bearer of all problems, but the bringer of all hope. 

His and Baby’s love is more true than what most experience in a lifetime. Even though he is warned multiple times by friends to not become involved with Baby, he ignores them. Although I don’t agree with a lot of the ideas in the movie, it is still such an amazing watch. The talent shines through the movie, from the acting and dancing to the actual plot (the soundtrack is fantastic too – go listen). I feel the emotions that the actors attempt to portray, from the happy scenes to the heartbreaking moments. When Baby and Johnny dance together, the tears flow. My heart seizes and stops like Baby’s when Johnny firmly states his iconic line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” Overall definitely watch the movie, but keep in mind that some parts may need to be skipped over!!

by Anya Marino ’24, Staff Writer