First Night Review of “The Eras Tour”


Taylor Swift, pictured at the first night of “The Eras Tour” in Glendale, Arizona.

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited Eras Tour is in full swing after finishing the opening weekend in Glendale, Arizona. With the first two shows completed, fans are in the midst of discussing and dissecting her setlist (which includes a grand total of forty-four songs.)  The tour includes a variety of old favorites and new hits, traveling through Swift’s entire discography. While everyone is pleased with the performance, there are some surprises in the setlist that has left fans talking.

Taylor Swift opens her show with “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” from her album “Lover,” followed by “Cruel Summer,” a track that fans have been dying to hear live since the release of the song in 2019. After performing some songs from her “Lover” era, Swift then delves into some of her older material, going into the Fearless era. Fans were delighted to hear Swift bring out her second album, and pay tribute to some of her greatest hits from that era. 

I think my biggest disappointment (along with many other fans) occurred when she moved into the Speak Now part of the tour and only sang “Enchanted.” Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that she chose “Enchanted” off the album, but it is disappointing that she only performs one song. As a Speak Now enthusiast, I do wish she would add some “Dear John” or “Long Live” to the setlist. Some fans have joked that instead of speaking now, Swift seems to want to “speak later.” 

Throughout the entirety of the show, Swift definitely puts most of the focus on her four newest albums that she has not toured with:  “Folklore,” “Evermore,” “Lover,” and “Midnights.” Fans were happily surprised that she performed numerous songs off of Folklore and Evermore, especially after having not given Evermore a lot of attention in the media. The album’s verses are truly some pieces of lyrical genius, and hearing them live will certainly be an unforgettable experience. 

Another surprise to fans was that she did not have any songs from her debut album on her setlist. For a tour focused on her different eras, it is surprising that she left her very first era out. However, there is still hope to hear some “Debut” songs live, as she will be performing two different “surprise songs” in every city. 

After performing for over three hours, the concert closes with the  song, “Karma,” from Swift’s newest album, “Midnights.” This has left some fans disappointed with hopes for a different track to close out the show. While I am inclined to agree that I would have preferred a different song or a more typical encore, the energy of the entire performance still leaves fans on a high note.

The grand consensus of The Era’s Tour is that this is a must-see show. The debacle of Ticketmaster and the insane chaos of getting tickets was well worth it. It is a known thing that Swift does not just put on a simple concert but an entire performance. With costume changes, dancers, multiple sets, and of course, never-ending surprises, it is truly an experience one will never forget. She will be touring through the summer, and stopping at Gillette Stadium from May 19 – May 21. 


By Helen Olohan ‘24, News Editor