Montose Launches Christmas with Decorating Day


If someone asked you, “What are the most important days leading up to Christmas?” you might say “Well, the first Sunday of Advent, the day I set up my tree, the feast day of St. Nicholas…” But for Montrosians, there is one crucial day that can’t be skipped. Wednesday, December 5 found Montrose students and faculty alike participating in the school-wide Decorating Day.

Lucy Stefani ‘21 said, “Walking around the school seeing all the beautifully decorated classrooms that everyone put so much work into really put me in the Christmas spirit.” Nina Polanski ‘23 commented, “I love the theme of our pole- it is “Harry Pole-r” and the pun is so fun!” The classroom themes ranged from the sophomores’ “Christmas in Paradise,” or tropical Christmas, to the seniors’ winter wonderland. Tory Kretching ‘19, who decorated senior commons, said, “It was a festive, glittery adventure.” And, as Amira Akar ‘21 put it, “Who doesn’t love decorations?!”

As with all good things at Montrose, Decorating Day is also a competition. Each class aims to achieve Best Pole or Best Classroom. Amelia White ‘25 said, “It got me excited and competitive!” But first and foremost, it’s about Christmas spirit. It achieves this, as Mari Kouyoumjian ‘22 summed it up, “By bringing us all together.” Classmates get a chance to collaborate to make their ideas come to life. Elyza Tuan ‘23 said, “We were constantly communicating and working together to get the job done.” She added: “It just felt like Christmas.”

With Christmas music resounding in the cafeteria, seniors collaborating on the skyscraping tree in the front entrance, and wreaths appearing on the front doors, Decorating Day was a sure way to put Montrose in the spirit of the season. As Lucy Bachiochi ‘23 said, “Come get us Christmas, we’re ready for you.”