The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Once again, February fourteenth has rolled around that corner once again, all the while spraying chocolates, flowers, and endearing cards at couples all over the place. Of course, Valentine’s Day was never actually all about love, for there is actually a reason why it is called Saint Valentine’s Day. Some may not know that February fourteenth is the feast day of the Patron of love, happy marriages, and youths, known as Saint Valentine. Though much of the information about his life in uncertain, this priest lived in the third century and was martyred.

As an early Christian, St. Valentine was arrested and sent to Rome because of his persistent will to convert people to Christianity. According to the story, he was also arrested for marrying Christian couples, which was seen as a crime, too. The choice of renouncing Christ or death by clubs and beheading laid before Saint Valentine.

Of course, Saint Valentine refused to renounce Christ, so on February fourteenth, this brave saint lost his life. Though officially undetermined, it is said he died in the year 269. Many say he married couples in secret, and still others say he cured his jailer’s daughter of her blindness. He left her a note saying, “Your Valentine” on the day he was to die.

Many centuries later, on February fourteenth, countless people exchange cards with the same words, asking others to be their own “Valentine.” Today, the feast day had evolved into a day for young couples to share a dinner, eat some sweet treats, and enjoy the bright colors of flowers. Behind it all, stands a brave early Christian who was ready to heal, join couples in love, and most important of all, give his life for his beloved faith .


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