The Power of Guardian Angels


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Guardian Angels, in communion with Jesus, serve as constant sources of love, hope, and relief in our lives.

At Montrose we have a lot of religious focuses where we learn about how much God loves us. Guardian angels have also been mentioned many times. If you’re wondering what a guardian angel is, it is an angel sent by God to watch over us and protect us.

Everyone has two guardian angels, and many believe that the first names you think of when you wake up are your guardian angels’ names. You have one guardian angel in front of you and one behind you, and they dwell in the heavens waiting for you to call out to them for help.

I asked Victoria Florez ‘28 what her thoughts were about guardian angels and she said: “A guardian angel is an angel sent by God to everyone to take care of them and watch over them. You can ask them for help by praying to them, not worshiping them. You give them a prayer request and they will send a prayer request to God.”

Our religious beliefs at Montrose matter so much, and knowing God sends two guardian angels to look after us because he loves us so much makes lots of people feel protected. Guardian angels love us despite our imperfections and protect us from any harm we encounter in our daily life.

By Chloe Baughman ‘28, Contributing Writer