A Daughter’s Surprise

A Daughters Surprise

This summer, I went back home to spend my summer vacation with my family. Before I came back, I was planning to give my mom a “daughter surprise.” For this reason, only my dad knew I was coming back.

On the way home, I sat in my car and breathed the air that carried the smell of rain. I saw all the familiar sights passing by and the characters on the roadside buildings. All of these made me feel that I was back.

When we arrived home, dad called my mom, telling her there was something for her to carry home. I sat in the backseat, looked outside from the window, and anxiously waited for my mom to show up. Then, I saw a figure who really looked like my mom. She walked by the car; and I can still remember that she wore a blue shirt and navy pants with white stripes. When she glanced at the trunk, there were two big suitcases. She froze for a second, looked at my dad, and said with a trembling voice, “What are these?” My father smiled to her and said, “You daughter is back!”

When I heard my dad talking, I got out of the car immediately, rushed to my mom and gave her a big hug. She was still in shock, and she told me “It didn’t feel real.” When she talked, I saw how disbelieving, shocked, surprised, and delighted she was.

Afterward, we carried my luggage back home, and we stayed up all night as I told them stories about what happened in the school, THE city, and so on.

From this surprise, I feel my parents’ love. They consider me as a treasure in their lives; that’s love. Whenever I think of them I feel the warmth of their love in my heart. I will love them wholeheartedly and forever in my life.