Alumna Feature: Meghan Burns


Credit: Meghan Burns '03

Meghan and her classmates having an impromptu dance party in the faculty lounge at the Natick campus.

Have you ever wondered what life beyond Montrose looks like? Look no further than alumna Meghan Burns, class of 2003. Meghan Burns is a proud Maverick whose career flourished not only at Montrose, but also in her life post-graduation. This proud graduate teaches at Newton North High School in the History and Social Sciences Department. This year, she is teaching Modern World History and AP U.S. History. Meghan discussed many reasons why her education at Montrose affects her life today.

Meghan’s love for history came from her family’s vacations and trips to museums. She said: “If I had to choose, my junior and senior year courses have stuck with me the most.” Meghan had Ms O’Donovan for European History in eleventh grade and Ms Redig for World History as a senior. These history teachers are still an active part of Meghan’s life. Whether it is providing new book recommendations or class materials, they will always be there to help. Meghan believes that her love for teaching has existed since she was very young. She said: “When I was early on in high school, I felt that I wanted to teach younger students. I would say that this is because of my experience at Montrose. I realized how formative those high school years are and my own teachers were …  [in] helping to become the young woman I was becoming. It inspired me to have the same impact on young men and women.” 

Meghan had three specific teachers who provided her with valuable advice that she still uses today: Ms. Rice, Dr. Bohlin, and Fr. Dick. Many know Ms. Rice as the amazing Metaphysics and Latin teacher that she is. Meghan described her as a kind teacher, mentor, and friend. Meghan said: “Outside of my parents, she has had the biggest impact on helping me to grow, forming habits in my relationships, trying to grow in virtue, doing my work well, helping me to mature in my spiritual life, and growing in my love of God and my prayer life.” Meghan remembers meeting Dr. Bohlin in her first years at Montrose. As Dr. Bohlin prepares to leave her legacy behind at Montrose, her career comes full circle with Meghan’s descriptions. Meghan said: “She has had an impact on me both professionally and personally.” Many members of this community echo Dr. Bohlin’s impact on our lives. Another Maverick whom we know and love, Father Dick, impacted Meghan’s life in several different ways. 

Meghan also recognizes that her relationships with friends helped her education flourish both at Montrose and in her life now. As they near their 25th anniversary of friendship, Meghan said: “I can’t imagine my life without my Montrose friends.” Everyone has one true friend that they can rely on for anything they need. Meghan described her friendships: “We have been there for each other in the big, difficult, happy moments and everything in between.” Meghan hopes to reunite with her friends soon for a joyous celebration of their long-lasting friendship. 

As we are “minding the gap” before the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Meghan provided some wise advice to the students of Montrose: “The academics are so strong. Really work hard in your classes. There is so much in your learning that will prepare you for college and whatever lies beyond. Cherish those friendships. Build a foundation with those friends.” Meghan also advises girls to be grateful for the opportunity to go to Mass and to utilize the help of their teachers to help them dive deeper into their faith.

One concrete skill that helped Meghan’s career was learning how to write well, both argumentatively and analytically. This skill came in handy when Meghan had to write the equivalent of a Capstone Paper for her English class. I can just imagine Mrs. Whitlock with a big smile on her face! Meghan discussed growing in virtue and in her relationships with friends, and the final skill that Meghan learned at Montrose and used in college is time management. Many of us, including the AP students who are taking their exams, know that this skill is crucial every single day. 

When you walk the upper school hallways and see the forty framed photos of our lovely graduates, ponder where life has brought these ladies. They have all become successful mothers, businesswomen, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and more. What kind of legacy do you want to leave for future generations? As stated at the auction: “Mavericks are strong, confident, fearless leaders that don’t follow the pack.” Follow your call to greatness and know that you have the help of your teachers, mentors, and friends to help you succeed!


Kate Novack ‘24, Features Editor