Mrs. Dimitriou: Montrose’s AP Biology Teacher


Credit: Adam Richins

Mrs. Dimitriou teaches her 9th grade biology class.

Having a mentor like Mrs. Dimitriou is like having a second sister. With so much effort and compassion put into her teachings, Mrs. Dimitriou strives to make each student feel validated, loved, and wanted here at Montrose School. I can’t remember a time, in my three months of being here, where Mrs. Dimitriou hasn’t supported me in every aspect of Montrose’s curriculum and athletic program. She has, without a doubt, helped me become a better thinker, athlete, and friend to my fellow peers at Montrose. Mrs. Dimitriou’s guidance reminds us all how lucky we are to have an individual like her here at Montrose.

As many may know, Mrs. Dimitriou attended Montrose for her four years of high school and graduated in the year of 2014. She remembers wanting to come to Montrose because of the friendly and welcoming environment. She said: “ I thought that the environment was just so friendly and welcoming.” Later she recounts, “I felt at home here, and I liked how faith and being a good person was the focus.” As Mrs. Dimitrou’s journey at Montrose continued, she began to make wonderful friends that she still keeps in touch with today. Through my mentoring sessions with Mrs. Dimitriou, it’s clear that her favorite classes were math and science. She often tells me that, “history was a lot of reading” and “math was nice because, once you figured out the formulas, it wasn’t too complicated.” 

After graduating high school, Mrs. Dimitriou received her degree in nutritional science at University of Massachusetts Lowell. She remembers being very interested in the connection between diet and disease, and wanting to learn more about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Once Mrs. Dimitriou finished college, she decided that she wanted to try and teach at Montrose. She relays, “I came into Montrose open to teach any math or science class.” Interestingly enough, Mrs. Dimitriou started as a long term sub for AP Biology, but quickly realized that Montrose was, and would continue to be, her home. When asked what her favorite part about teaching was, she replied: “I love being able to build relationships with my students, and getting to learn with them.” Mrs. Dimitriou enjoys watching her students excel, and making learning fun!

Coincidentally enough, Mrs. Dimitriou used to live in the same neighborhood as me in Franklin, but, after graduating college, she moved to Norwood with her husband. She says that she loves interior-designing and re-doing things her way, and that she and her husband bought a fixer-upper house so she could fix it up and make it aesthetically pleasing.  She has also recently installed floors in her kitchen, and she’s working on painting some parts of her house. Outside of updating her house, she loves to bake, cook, and hang out with her friends on the weekends. 

It has been an honor to do a featured article on my mentor Mrs. Dimitriou. Mrs. Dimitriou leaves us all with a helpful piece of advice for all Montrose students. She says, “Take in all that you learn here, and pay attention in class….learning is so important and the foundation created at Montrose is extremely impactful.” Doing this feature on my mentor has not only given me a glimpse into my mentor’s life, but it has also created a closer bond between her and I. I have loved getting to know Mrs. Dimitriou as a teacher and person, and I am so glad I am able to share her story with the entire Montrose community! 

Kate Reagan ‘25, Contributing Writer