The Knight Sisters’ Animation Collection


Erika Torok '22

Allie and Cara are new to Montrose this year, and they’re passionate about a very cool hobby they share!

We have a wide collection of creative people at Montrose: creative writers in the Walrus club, journalists in the Looking Glass, artists with their eye-catching illustrations posted in the Upper School hallway— but I’ll admit I’ve never really seen a lot of animators! It seems, however, that we have some Montrosian video editors in our midst. Meet this creative duo Allie ‘26 and Cara Knight ‘28!

I found out through my fellow students that we have some students who have an animation hobby. Allie and Cara both take art classes and are incredibly enthusiastic about English and reading. Their animation designs usually center on a show the girls both adore: The Owl House. And the best part? They do it together, as a family.

According to them, it all started this summer. They were exhilarated by the show they’ve bonded over and decided: what’s an artist to do if not make art? Inspired by other YouTube videos and their artistic skills, their first video was a song by the Owl House and a fan cover of “Ordinary.” And so they continue their portfolio-making into school (after their homework, of course!)

When I first watched their animations, I was blown away by the creativity, imagination, and artistic dynamics of the characters with their conflicts. The main character, Luz, debates whether she should leave her normal life and explore a fantastical world beyond what she knew before. Their piece, inspired by the song “Ordinary,” was thrilling, funny, emotional, and engaging! Allie and Cara masterfully illustrated such different concrete settings like the opposite natures of normal high school and the fantastical elements of the alternate realm, The Boiling Isles. Not to mention they captured and displayed character internal conflicts, like the desire to explore the world beyond and push past your limits, mentally and physically.  

Illustration of Allie ‘26 and Cara ‘28 Knight’s first animation for the song “Ordinary” featuring Luz (Credit: the Knight sisters)
The two portals signify the two options Luz has: stay in the Human Realm or explore the Boiling Isles. (Credit: The Knight sisters)

Fascinated with the evidence of a pair of middle schoolers who are determined to create a portfolio of artwork and work to make an animation of it, I asked them: “What is your favorite part about making animatics?”

Cara said her favorite part of the process is editing! She said: “It’s better than just seeing the silent animatic.” So when they bring the music onto the animation, it’s like “seeing it all come together! It’s cool how my hard work is coming together, sounding and looking amazing!” 

Surprisingly, Allie is the opposite. She enjoys the brainstorming process: sketching and doodling illustrations on her paper, coming up with ideas, and outlining is where she thrives. Allie said: “Seeing my ideas come to life and putting ideas on paper” is the part that sparks this passionate hobby for her.

When asked about the hardest part, Cara said that it was tough to switch from one show to another and that currently, the source of her artist’s block is the “Henry the Eighth” song. Allie said that the hardest part was a unique point: the problem with repeating lyrics. Imagine having to come up with visuals for the same lyrics that follow the same storyline of the animatic. 




Allie explained: “Halfway through it when you get repeating lyrics… coming up with new imagery is difficult… Then you end up sitting on it, thinking about it, sketching or doodling…” For Allie, it’s a challenge for her to come up with different visuals to tell a story, especially if the story must progress despite having the chorus repeated. However, she’s learned the value of thinking outside the box and the value of fluidity and patience when it comes to hurdles they have to overcome.

That thought brought us to our next question: What life lessons did you learn from these projects you’ve done together?  

Cara learned that all good things take time, she said: “Time spent putting effort into this art I’m making” is the thing that makes it all worth it in the end, regardless of how long it takes and how difficult it is to pump out results with creative projects. Allie agreed with her statement and added that it’s “probably patience… Things won’t work out the first time…” She explained that what’s important is to “try and try again.”

The sisters are thinking about publishing their work on YouTube for public viewing (“It’d be so cool!” Cara said). And though their parents think what they’re doing is incredible, Cara and Allie are still waiting for the parental verdict on that case for publishing their stuff on YouTube!

A frame of another animation from the song “Something Entirely New” by Cara Knight ‘28

And just because they haven’t posted it publicly, Cara said that doesn’t mean that they don’t have other people watching and enjoying their animations. Cara told me that when she showed her friends their creation, her friends were so motivated that they wanted to do it themselves as well. Allie shared that when her friends come over, they say they want to watch it as soon as they enter the house

They still make animations to this day. Who knows — maybe in 10 years or so we’ll be watching some animations on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel by the Knight sisters!

by Jenn Uche ’22, Creative Writing Editor