Ms. Archbold: An Official Introduction


Liz Donellan

Ms. Archbold is a proud graduate of Providence college, ending each class with “God bless, Go Friars.”

Ms. Archbold has become one of Montrose’s wonderful new teachers. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, she’s the one who got 15 presents last week for her birthday. (#23) You might be asking yourself, “Who even is she?” or “Where did she come from?”, so I have taken it upon myself to officially introduce you to Ms. Archbold. 

At Montrose, she is the teacher of all upper school history except European History, but before Montrose, Ms. Archbold was just a student like you or me. She grew up in Philadelphia and went to a co-ed Catholic high school where she rowed for a sport. She then attended Providence College in Rhode Island and is very proud of her alma mater, ending each class with “God bless, Go Friars.”  

Originally, Ms. Archbold thought that she was going to pursue a career in accounting but ended up disliking it. She began considering what else she wanted to do with her life. Ms. Archbold knew that she enjoyed getting to know people and having meaningful conversations. She also stated that she loved history because it is the story of humanity, and this helped her realize that she would love to be a teacher.

Ms. Archbold admits that it’s been a “huge shift” in these first weeks at Montrose. Working at a museum all summer, her social interactions were drastically different than ones at a small school. Although Montrose is a change for her, Ms. Archbold explains that she “likes exploring new places” and interacting with new people. She loves helping others understand different perspectives and discussing important questions in the classroom. 

Some other interesting facts about Ms. Archbold is, she’s a huge Swiftie and her favorite album is Reputation. So if you’re looking for a conversation starter, ask her about Taylor’s song, Holy Ground. #midnight #13sleeplessnights

Anyways, I am glad I could introduce you to Ms. Archbold and Montrose is very excited for another wonderful new teacher.

 Bella Prunier ‘24, Staff Writer