Teacher Feature: Ms. Fernandes and Her Singing Skills


Gian Gonzalez

Elisabeth admires her religion teacher Ms. Fernandes for not only her amazing singing voice, but also her joyful attitude.

Many of our new Montrose teachers have given our student body wonderful first impression, but one teacher gave me a wonderful first impression of her musical skills: Ms. Fernandes.

It all started with the second chapel period of Religion 7. Instead of having an average reflection on the reading activity, Ms. Fernandes chose to play her guitar and sing two songs to reflect upon instead. I was expecting an average singer and an average guitar player. I mean, if she were a genius, she would naturally be a music teacher, instead of one for Religion, Chemistry, Capstone, etc. When she started singing, though, it was a different ballgame. How does she play this well?!?, and what is Ms. Fernandes doing at Montrose and not on tour?!? These were the thoughts going through my head, and certainly everybody else’s.

The topic of popular discussion for the next few weeks through the middle school hallway was why Ms. Fernandes would settle for a few thousand per year when she could be making millions as a Christian Rock singer on Spotify and on tour, and how we could make that notion a reality.

Part of this opinion comes from Ms. Fernandes’s musical taste, too. Somehow, she managed to filter out the vast world of Christian Rock, and find the best songs out there. Before, I wasn’t a big fan of this style, but thanks to Ms. Fernandes, she influenced my opinions greatly and changed a few things around. 

Ms. Fernandes is also a really nice person, and does a good job keeping class enjoyable and engaging. She is the type of person I would enjoy just as much outside of the classroom as I do inside it. Also, as my mentor, she does an amazing job asking questions that don’t feel intrusive, and giving meaningful, helpful feedback.

She is also a perfect example of biblical joy. Ms. Fernandes always walks into every class with a joyful attitude that never fails. Sometimes, I can almost hear God’s joy flowing from everything she does. I always look up to Ms. Fernandes

Next year, when I shall no longer have the pleasure of a Ms. Fernandes religion class (i.e. chapel period with her singing) I think we, as the class of ’28, need to get Ms. Fernandes to sing our chemistry lessons for us. I would like to end on that note, one of appreciation for an amazing person.

By Elisabeth Smith ‘28, Staff Writer