Montrose Takes On Xaverian at Model UN Conference

Caroline Churney 19, Montroses talented Model UN Chair, and Mrs. Forsgard, the clubs dedicated advisor

Caroline Churney ’19, Montrose’s talented Model UN Chair, and Mrs. Forsgard, the club’s dedicated advisor

Every Montrosian knows the M&M Building to be a place of hubbub and excitement, especially during Common Homeroom. The smooth, wooden floor is usually crammed with red and white team discussions or students sitting to watch the latest StudGov video.

But on one afternoon last month, the M&M floor was filled with a circle of tables and chairs, and the air was filled with important debates about issues from centuries ago. After school on September 27, Montrose’s Model UN team hosted a mini-conference with Xaverian concerning the French Revolution in our very own M&M Building.

For those who are less familiar with how Model UN works, it is essentially an environment for students to develop discussions and resolutions about real-world issues from the past and the present. Students, or “delegates,” sit in a circle, each representing a certain country or person in the discussion. It is their job to do their best to represent the opinions of their country or figure in the issue in order to come to a solution. For example, at this French Revolution conference, figures included Marquis de Lafayette, Napoleon, John Adams, and many more. Collectively, we formally and informally debated the Revolution across a variety of subtopics in the conflict. Our discussion leaders, or “chairs,” were Gage Higgins ‘19(XBHS) and Montrose’s Caroline Churney ‘19.

At this mini-conference, most of Montrose’s team were new to MUN, creating a different environment for discussion. In fact, only three or four out of nearly twenty Montrose delegates had participated in MUN before. At first, mainly Xaverian delegates participated in the discussion, due to their experience from past conferences. But after some time, Montrosians began to learn how the discussion worked, and offered their opinions and critiques to other delegates.

Maevis’s experience, delegating as Maximilien Robespierre:

It felt strange to no longer be a “new” delegate on the floor during the conference. Last year, my first experience with MUN was at a small conference with Xaverian like this. I remember feeling confused, unsure, and hesitant. In the past year, Caroline Churney ‘19 and other MUN members have taught me so much about how to be a better delegate. Now, I have the chance to watch new members experience the same growth, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of our team.

Erica’s Experience, delegating as Marquis de Lafayette:

During the conference, I was astounded by the confidence of other Montrosian delegates. Girls stood up and offered their voice on topics we were debating in the conference. Throughout this year with the Montrose Model UN Club, I look forward to strengthening my voice on topics we discuss in conferences and learning how to contribute as well as I can to the club.

Spandana’s experience, delegating as Joseph II:

I felt excited and nervous as a first time delegate at this conference. I had all my research gathered neatly in front of me. I looked around to see many confident, eloquent Montrosians preparing for their arguments and motions. As the conference began, I attentively listened to the other members of the French Revolution Committee. My fears of not understanding the Model UN jargon were assuaged within a few minutes of the conference. Familiarizing myself with the meanings of the “moderated caucus,” “round robin,” and “resolution” increased the enthusiasm I felt for Model UN. I hope to improve my skills as a delegate and learn about many different topics throughout the conferences this school year.


Montrose’s third mini-conference with Xaverian was a success, with special thanks to our team chair, Caroline Churney ‘19, our club advisor, Mrs. Kristine Forsgard, and Xaverian’s club advisor, Mr. William Foley.

Look out for future updates from Montrose’s Model UN team and their experiences at coming conferences!