Keeping Clubs Connected

Now that we are in a new era of technology, we no longer have all the activities that we used to look forward to after school. We no longer pass by someone in the hall and say, “Hey, are you going to the meeting today?” Clubs are usually only possible because of those day-to-day run-ins with fellow members that bond the group together. Ever since Montrose shifted to working at home, clubs have been cut off from those personal connections. This year’s theme, connection, is relevant now more than ever because we’re not automatically brought together in the same physical space. We are all in our separate homes, miles away from one another — which is great considering the circumstances — but now we are forced to reach out to other Montrosians to keep bonds of friendship strong. 

That is exactly what club leaders are aiming to do. Take the newspaper, for example. It’s thriving online and in inboxes because the staff reaches out to each other. The Looking Glass staff hold regular meetings and maintain back and forth emails that make our team so strong. Other clubs are also reaching out. The soldier support group had a Zoom meeting where they made cards for soldiers in Afghanistan as they usually would. They also had a special visit from club founder and former leader Jocelyn Kelly ‘18, which would not have been possible if not for the club’s use of online resources. Online meetings like these are a positive consequence in the midst of the negativity we experience. Another club, Biobuilders, has been working on Zoom towards submitting abstracts to Biotreck. Humans of Montrose have met too and are planning on doing something exciting together, such as a virtual book or movie club. In addition, the Speech team set up a Google Classroom to share performances and collect feedback like at in-person meetings,and Treblemakers meet weekly to just hang out and be with each other while also creating a special music video that will be coming out soon.  

All in all, everyone who participates in clubs is excited to be together doing something they love. In the end, our bonds of friendship and shared passions are stronger than the separation of quarantine.

Elyza Tuan ’23, Clubs and Classes Editor and Anna Sheehan ’21, Faith Editor,