Gaining Wisdom From Father John’s YouTube Channel

While the Coronavirus prevents thousands of Catholics from celebrating their faith at Mass, many organizations and parishes have turned toward technology and the internet to reach quarantined Catholics. In this way, us Catholics at home can still view and follow along with prayers, meditations, and Masses online — though it cannot replace the importance of being really present there. Countless empty churches and cathedrals are live streamed while their priests speak about the need to come together. Faith leaders and priests continue to preach messages of peace and compassion, even as they speak to empty pews.

Fr. John Grieco recently began a YouTube channel where he posts readings and his daily homilies. It’s a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with the faith in the spirit of Opus Dei. Links to each day’s Gospel reading and homily by Fr. John appear in each day’s “Montrose Connections” email bulletin. Humanities Coordinator Mrs. Whitlock said: “I love starting my day with Fr. John’s Gospel messages. They help frame and orient my day.”

In his first video, he spoke about the human uncertainty of God’s plan. “Are we doing what God wants us to do?” he asked his virtual audience. He directed this question specifically toward this time of isolation and limited physical connection. The Gospel of that day having focused on Mosaic law, Fr. John stated that the fulfillment of the law is love and charity, which can seem a challenge at this time. However, this is the Christian’s constant mission, especially now when so many are suffering. He urged us to make some small resolutions to meet this goal.

For his Annunciation video on that feast day, he spoke about how Mary gave her “fiat” — her “yes” to God’s will — and opened the world to the possibility of salvation. Similarly, we too, ought to give our “fiat” to God and pray for those who are in need of salvation. Though her response was simple, so much depended on Mary’s answer to the angel Gabriel. Now, countless people depend on our prayers and decisions.

In one of his more recent homily videos, Fr. John reminded us that as we progress nearer to Palm Sunday and the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus reveals himself more and more in the Gospels by referencing God’s Old Testament name, “I AM.” He challenged us to recognize that when the Son of Man was lifted up to fulfill his purpose, he was brutally crucified on the Cross at the same time. In our times of hardships, we have the choice to turn our lowest points into prayer and strength. Reflect: do we live in ways that pleases God? We must turn to faith, hope, and charity.

If you’d like to hear from Fr. John himself, be sure to visit his YouTube channel; he has several more videos and daily homilies. He also posts meditation podcasts at on a weekly basis. In the spirit of YouTube, make sure to smash that Like button, and subscribe to his channel for more content! Our faith is the most important aspect of our lives; Fr. John’s videos are an excellent way to stay connected and practice our faith now.

Kate Pioch ’22, Assistant Copy Editor