Thank You Seniors: Maria Lennon


As the school year comes to a close, the end of an era also closes with the graduation of the class of 2020. Although this year is (very!) different to other years, one thing remains the same: our appreciation for the class of 2020 and for every person in it. One of these people is the very special Maria Lennon. 

Lenny has been part of the varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams throughout her time at Montrose. Those who play with her are encouraged by her constant positive attitude and love for the game. Grace Marino ‘22 said: “She’s a very dedicated player who loves sports and makes it really enjoyable for others. She spreads her silly and contagious attitude in each of the sports she plays.” Lenny was the Co-Sports editor in the newspaper during 2 of her Montrose years. When asked why she joined the newspaper, she said: “I decided to join the newspaper just because I loved writing so much, and of course as soon as I found out there was a sports page I knew I would have so much fun writing for that section.” 

Maria Lennon’s endless positivity infects every member of the Montrose community. She is an integral part of her class and she has touched the lives of so many at Montrose. We will miss her so much next year, but we know that she will continue to make an impact wherever she goes. Lenny plans to study nursing and eventually help the tiniest humans by becoming a neonatal nurse. 

Lenny exemplifies what Montrose hopes for all of their students- to become a person who knows who they are and what they want to be. She said: “When I walked into Montrose in ninth grade, I hoped to sink into my surroundings and just become mixed in with every other student.  Over the years, I realized that there is a purpose for anything and everything I do,  and whether I was on the basketball court or the soccer field or in the classroom I was meant to stand out and be my own person.”

Lenny has excelled academically, athletically, and personally at Montrose. She won the George Eastman Young Leaders Award from the University of Rochester last year as well as winning laureate science awards. Her athletic prowess has been recognized when she was declared an IGC All-Star for multiple different sports seasons. Although it was hard to miss her final few months at Montrose, Lenny has still been able to be thankful for what she has. “The thought of losing things like graduation, prom, senior assassin, senior skip day, senior skits, and most especially walking out of the Montrose doors for the last time as a student feeling a great sense of accomplishment, was practically unbearable.  Then, I stopped and decided since I can’t change the situation, I’ll change my perspective. This new perspective helped me to start feeling thankful rather than defeatist, and I began to see how these new memories of taking classes on Zoom and sitting with my friends on the tops of our cars would be new memories that would stick with my just as much, and if not maybe more, than a prom ever would have. The laughs we all shared as a class in the commons is definitely my favorite memory and what I’ll miss the most.”

When asked about her influences at Montrose, Lenny said: “I’m beyond grateful I’ve reached the other end after an amazing experience with caring teachers, passionate coaches, and life long friends.” Lenny, thank you so much for the difference you’ve made at Montrose in the last four years. We’ll miss you so much and we wish you the best of luck wherever you end up next year!


The Looking Glass

Erica Brown ‘22, Co Assistant Editor-in-Chief