The Pros and Cons of COVID Era Halloween

Though Halloween had so many exciting parts this year, it was difficult to have celebrations with all of your friends. Some extra spooky things that occurred this Halloween might give you nightmares, so be ready. (Just kidding – you’ll be fine). Halloween might have looked  a little different this year, but don’t fret! There were pros to this year’s celebration as well as a few sad cons. Here are some highlights from this year, whether it is for the best or for the worst!!

 Have you ever heard of the classic werewolf tale that every full moon a hungry lycanthrope that was once human turns into a wolf-like creature? Well, this Halloween wasn’t just a full moon, but a full blue moon. In 2020 this year, we will have a total of 13 full moons. This moon, though, is very rare in that it has not shown since 1944. A full moon on Halloween hasn’t occurred in 19 years– but this year, it wasn’t just a full moon. It was a full blue moon! When are the next blue moons? They are predicted to be in 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had bumped into a werewolf on Halloween. It’s 2020 and, as we all know from the beginning of the year, things can get….weird. Halloween was on a Saturday this year, which means we could stay up late and not have to get up for school the next day. In addition, we literally gained an hour of sleep. Even so, it’s not surprising that the students of Montrose seemed a little groggy on Monday.

Here are some pros the Montrose Student body replied with before the big night. Elyza Tuan ‘23 said that one pro was that Halloween “is on a Saturday.”  Josie Marcucci ‘25 added, “I think a pro is that there will be less people actually trick or treating, so there will be more candy left.” Some people are just glad that it happened. Bridget Devaney ‘27 said, “A good thing is….that we are having it!!” So, Halloween this year was not all that bad depending on the town you live in. Some towns, however, banned trick-or-treating, so hopefully you cleared your plans with your parents– as there were more specific rules/regulations depending on what town you live in.  

There were also a couple of cons. For example, since we were celebrating Halloween during a pandemic for the first time, we wore masks.  It was sometimes slightly difficult to understand someone’s costume when everyone was wearing a mask. If a child wanted to dress up as Spiderman, no one can see their spider face under a mask! Poor Spiderman! A lot of houses were not giving out candy this year due to CDC social distancing guidelines. Katherine Goggin ‘26 said, “I think it will be a little sad because we can’t do the Haunted Hallway and things like that.”  Scarlett Testa thinks similarly, adding, “The cons are that most houses won’t really be open and we won’t be able to go trick or treating in really large groups with friends.”  Some people were not sure what would happen. As Clare Higgins ‘27 said, “A con is that it will be hard to know what will happen and what the procedure of Halloween will be.”  Kristina Klauzinski  ‘24 agreed. “I think that Halloween during a pandemic is a little bit sad because there probably won’t be any trick-or-treaters, and one of my favorite things was seeing everyone in costume,” she said. But there were still plenty of ways to have fun, so don’t be discouraged!  

Halloween this year was a mix of emotions, and there were positives and negatives for each Montrose student. Now, it’s time to get geared up for Thanksgiving (But yes, it is still too early to listen to/sing Christmas music)! More importantly, I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating All Saints’ Day on November 1 and prayed for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Bella Gonet ’26 and Rachael Botelho ’26, Contributing Writers