The Walrus: My Poems

Mia Cahill Farella '27, Contributing Writer

When I was assigned, to write a letter,

My brain had decided a Poem was better.


I love to make the rhyme,

For the satisfaction which is mine,

I like to enter contests,

My Poems are much like conquests.


Fighting for their place,

Second they will not embrace.

I try to keep them humble, my efforts are a jumble,

When I create a monster,

The creatures go (to my dismay) and venture out to conquer. 


The one about injustice,

Always keeps me strong,

My Poem about my hat,

I hope, is not a brat.


And while My Poems can be malicious,

I never let them down,

I write them up,

Though they’re stuck up,

And let them venture out.

Mia Cahill Farella ’27