Check Out the Looking Glass Social Medias!

Who doesn’t use social media? Amidst the many safety and social distancing protocols during the pandemic, social media is one of the ways people stay connected. From Facebook and Google Hangouts to Instagram and TikTok, our worlds are all intertwined by a quick click and swipe on our phone screens. At Montrose, social media is a part of our lives, whether it’s the Montrose Instagram or our reliance on email for most of our communications. Both parents and students can find information quickly on the Montrose social media platforms, and events pop up in everyone’s notifications and are made accessible through direct social media posts. During quarantine, the Looking Glass team sought to network and interact with their readers through amping up their social media game. With daily article updates and weekly Meme Mondays, the Looking Glass remained the active voice of the student body.

This school year, the Montrose Looking Glass has expanded their social media coverage to Twitter and Facebook in addition to Instagram. The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts provide an easy place to find out when articles are posted and a short description to know what they are about. In addition to these platforms, all staff members are available by email. Many students find that most of their screen time is taken up by social media usage. It is so easy to scroll through brain numbing TikToks or Instagram reels, so why not check out the Montrose Looking Glass page while you are on your phone already, and regain some brain cells by reading a newspaper article!

Social Media Account Usernames to Check Out:

Instagram: @humansofmontrose 

Twitter: @M_Looking_Glass 



Faith Chen ‘22 Social Media Editor and Copy Editor & Bella Convery ‘22 Social Media Editor