In-Person School vs. Remote Learning: The Pros and Cons

We have all experienced in-person school. However, both last year and this year, pretty much everyone learned what it was like to attend school remotely. We all know some of the obvious differences between the two, but here are some of them.  

Remote learning is good in some ways, but many people don’t like it because they find it hard to focus, and staying at home with their siblings all day drives them crazy. Josie Marcucci ‘25, who prefers in-person schooling, said: “I just really don’t like remote school because I end up not leaving the house and I go crazy.” Many also agreed that it is extremely hard to focus on the computer during classes. Amelia White ‘25 said: “Firstly, I can’t focus on screens, and we get much less done in a day. Also, I love being in-person to see everybody.” From everyone I asked, nearly everyone said that they didn’t like remote learning because they can’t see their friends. 

However, other people prefer remote learning. An anonymous sophomore said: “I feel unsafe in school when people remove their masks inside. Along with that, at home, I’m much more relaxed and I can do as I please during study periods instead of being trapped in one space.”  Agreeing, a 7th grader said: “I can sleep in, and there are more breaks!” This is true: you can sleep a little longer when classes are remote. Usually, on a school day, I have to get up at around 5:45, so I completely agree that a very good pro in remote learning is sleeping in and avoiding the long commute.   

In-person school also has its benefits and disadvantages. An eighth grader said: “I like in-person school with Wednesday off because it has been so great for my mental health and overall management of the workload.” Wednesdays are good for getting homework done, meeting teachers, and having mentoring meetings. Additionally, people like my mom prefer to schedule doctor or orthodontist appointments for Wednesdays. Similarly, Rachael Botelho ‘26 said: “I prefer in person because it was so sad to see all the traditions we missed this year and last, especially for the new students. The whole Montrose experience is so important and every day at school feels absolutely amazing. Last year at Montrose, we experienced almost all the school activities but, due to Covid-19, we had to go online. Homecoming and Christmas traditions were so fun! It was, by far, the most fun and eventful experience I have had at a school. This year was a little different than last because of Covid-19, but I really hope we will be able to have that next year, and I can’t wait!” 

All of last year’s sixth-graders indeed missed a lot of the Montrose experience when we went into lockdown. When I asked if she would like in-person or remote if there was no pandemic, Maria Silveyra Dodds ‘26 responded: “In-person, because everything would finally be normal.” From the people I asked, this is how many people liked remote over in person and vice versa. 

Both remote and in-person learning systems have their benefits, but I am still very glad we have the opportunity to learn! Hopefully one day, we will be able to attend classes (in-person or remotely) without the loom of a pandemic and with even more gratitude and joy.


Bella Gonet ‘26, Staff Writer