Opinions on Easter Candy

With Lent coming to an end, there’s something we are all thinking about: Easter! And with Easter comes candy. Yes, there are also bunnies and chicks etc., but candy is probably one of the best parts. 

A lot of people prefer chocolate over candy and vice versa. Other people I talked to even like fruit better than candy!! There were a variety of candy preferences around the school. The more common ones were Cadbury eggs, Peeps, Chocolate bunnies, Kinder Joys, and malted milk balls. 

There were a few different responses that I got. One of the sixth graders said: “Chocolate bunnies, Peeps, chocolate carrot sticks, and chocolate eggs with the white cream in them, also hard boiled eggs, are my favorites.” Other people were more specific. Alanna Hyatt ‘22 said: “My favorite chocolates are definitely those dark chocolate Cadbury mini eggs, but I also love the creme filled eggs as well. My favorite Easter candy is jelly beans.”  Other people said that Mike & Ike’s and Sour Patch were good too even though they seem more like a casual kind of candy. My own brother and mom think that York Patties are good for Easter. I personally think they are more of a Christmas candy, but I will always take candy — Christmas or Easter!  

The opinions on jelly beans differ with everyone. Some people think that they are too sweet and gritty.  Others (like me) like to feel the sugar in their teeth. But, overall, it seems most people like jelly beans for Easter! Middle School English Teacher Mrs. Roberts likes jelly beans for Easter along with Reese’s Pieces and Peeps. Peeps also are popular among the people I asked. Who can resist a colorful marshmallow candy? I am a HUGE marshmallow fan, so Peeps, Snowballs, and Fluff work for me too.  

Other people prefer fruit over candy.  Maria Silveyra Dodds ‘26 said: “I would pick a bowl of strawberries over a chocolate bar any day!” Anna Sheehan ‘21 said, “I don’t really like candy,” and would also prefer fruit over candy. 

My personal favorite Easter candies are Peeps, any kind of chocolate, jelly beans, and Reese’s Pieces. 

Many of these candy preferences I completely agree with, so I hope that everyone gets the candy (or fruit!) that they want. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


Bella Gonet ‘26, Staff Writer and Rising Middle School Editor