TikTok’s Viral Food Trend: Nature’s Cereal

Nature’s Cereal. An unknowing person might think this is a high-end cereal brand only found within the aisles of Whole Foods, but it definitely is not. Over the past couple of years, tons of food trends have taken the Tik Tok world by storm. Some of the more recent are tomato feta pasta (it is exactly what it sounds like), mini versions of any food (who wouldn’t love to eat dime-size croissants ), the tortilla wrap hack (certainly a wrap folded like origami tastes much better), the #fufu challenge (people eat a West African side dish for the first time; no, it doesn’t contain wild dog, just cassava, also known as yuca, a root vegetable), and much, much more. The newest is Nature’s Cereal, and ever since the Grammy-winning artist Lizzo approved of it it has become even more popular. 

So, what is Nature’s Cereal? Well, get ready to be extremely underwhelmed.  All the supposed “sensational” snack consists of is berries, pomegranate seeds for a little crunch, some ice cubes, and coconut water or plain water. Mix it up and voilá, you have your very own Nature’s Cereal. 

The recipe was created by the Tik Tok account @natures_food, an account that focuses on making healthy food with fresh ingredients from the creator’s backyard. In the aesthetically pleasing 30 second video which now has over 5.9 million views, the creator explains that the delicious breakfast helps with digestion and significantly boosts energy levels. But let’s break it down. Nature’s Cereal is a fruit salad with coconut water, so of course, it is going to help with gut health and energy levels! That’s what fruit does. Berries contain a vast amount of fiber and vitamins that slow the release of sugar resulting in a lasting energy supply (remember, biology students, that glucose sugar can be used as a source of energy). Darker berries also tend to contain antioxidants which may reduce inflammation and fatigue. 

Tik Tok trends are ridiculous, but if Nature’s Cereal is going to encourage people to eat their fruits and think about their health, then I have no complaints. Maybe one day I’ll come up with my own Tik Tok food trend. How about an easy-to-make smoothie that will get things moving? Put some raisin bran and a splash of almond milk in a blender and there you have it: The Colon Explosion! 

Cecilia Ashenuga ‘24, Staff Writer