Montrose Middle School Reviews: Favorite Ice Cream Flavors


Montrose’s favorite spot for ice cream is Bubbling Brook, located about 3 miles from campus.

After my candy article, I found out that I really like writing food articles. Anyone who knows me would just say it was exactly like me, but with all this warm weather I have been thinking about ice cream (although my family and I have ice cream all throughout winter).  Also, I am very excited that Bubbling Brook is open!!  My favorite ice cream flavors are chocolate, rocky road, mint chocolate chip, and Maine black bear.  The more common flavors that people prefer are cookie dough, Oreo, and coffee.  

I found out about a few really weird ice cream flavors such as trail mix, goat cheese, and caramel balsamic swirl. These might sound really weird and gross, but more than ten people I talked to have tried them and liked it.  

I asked my classmates about their favorite ice creams, and the two that stood out to me were salted caramel pretzel and dulce de leche.  Rachael Botehlo ‘26 said: “Salty and sweet makes ice cream a WHOLE lot better!” Sophie Teachout ‘26 said: “I got it at Shaw’s and to describe it, it is basically vanilla ice cream with a giant swirl of a kind of caramel, it is really good and I really liked it!!”  I tried dulce de leche ice cream and it is now my new favorite ice cream. Maria Silveyra Dodds ‘26 says, “Dulce de leche is caramel with a texture of Nutella,” and she was shocked that I had never had it before.  

I also asked where people mostly buy their ice cream.  Fifteen of the people I asked agree that Bubbling Brook is a very good place to get ice cream.  Last time I drove by there, the lines were extremely long, and I don’t blame them because their ice cream is very good. 

I hope that all of you get ice cream sometime during all this warm weather!


Bella Gonet ‘26, Middle School Editor