Thank You Seniors: Maevis Fahey ’21

When thinking about Maevis Fahey, you don’t just think about her accomplishments or her clubs or her positions (although they are all very impressive). When thinking of Maevis, most Montrose students would recall her character. “Pursuing Greatness in Heart, Mind, and Character”— this trademark Montrose slogan describes Maevis’s time at our school perfectly. She knows every single student at this school and genuinely cares about them with her whole heart. She puts her best foot forward for every class she’s taken, and constantly writes outstanding articles for the Looking Glass, especially when they’re about Brexit. But most of all, Maevis exemplifies Montrose’s aspirations for their students to be great in character.

The Looking Glass 

Arriving at Montrose 

When Maevis first arrived at Montrose, she was immediately drawn to the newspaper. “I went to the clubs and activities fair in September [of my freshman year], and I found this random table with this kind girl standing next to a poster that said The Looking Glass. I had just finished rereading my favorite childhood book which was The Looking Glass, so I asked her if it was a book club! She told me it was our student newspaper. That girl was Gabby Landry ‘18, our Editor-in-Chief a few years ago. She’s the one who helped me fall in love with student journalism.” A common theme throughout Maevis’s four years at Montrose has been the influence of the upperclassman around her, who often inspired her to learn more about herself through the newspaper. Maevis described herself as a very nervous freshman, which might be surprising to some with the extremely extroverted personality she’s grown into. 

Thirteen year old Maevis would be in awe of the leader she’s become. For the past two years, Maevis has driven the student newspaper forward at a thrilling pace, emulating her mentors to draw enthusiasm from younger students while creating her own work. Mrs. Whitlock, Maevis’s advisor of many years and faculty advisor of the Looking Glass, commented: “Under her broad vision, careful watch, steady hand, and expansive heart, the newspaper has grown to become a centerpiece of what is best at Montrose: high quality writing, fair minded perspectives, widely varied interests, and countless unique individuals to discover.” 

If you’re thinking about the Looking Glass student newspaper, Maevis is usually at the forefront of that image. She has led every meeting with a big smile, clear agenda, and a readiness to give the newspaper her best. Throughout her four years on the team, she’s been an unstoppable force. Writing outstanding articles, completely revamping the website, and creating “The Quarantine Quibbler” during lockdown, she’s been a true leader in the Montrose community. Maevis went from a staff writer in her freshman year to editor-in-chief her junior year — without her leadership, the Looking Glass wouldn’t be where it is today. Carol Li’ 21, a close friend and fellow Looking Glass editor, said: “Maevis is a person who cares about her community and dedicates her heart to the people in them. She is always cheerful and welcoming, I see true leadership in her.” 

When asked about her favorite piece she’s seen at Montrose, Maevis remembered Gabby Landry’s senior keepsake edition for the class of 2018. “I look back at freshman year and I realize how much I adored the upperclassmen, and spent so much time with them. I had so much respect and admiration for [Gabby], and she had so many reflections about individuals who had changed her, and just how much she adored the Montrose community.” The respect and admiration little freshman year Maevis had for Gabby certainly wasn’t one sided. Gabby said: “It’s hard to capture just how much Maevis means to me and to Montrose. It has been incredible to see her grow from a new freshman with a camera and a bright smile, bringing much-needed photography skills to the Looking Glass in fall 2017, to a fearless leader in the Looking Glass and well beyond. Maevis’s boundless energy, spirit, and love for others are contagious and bring light to any room she enters. I am so proud of the work she has accomplished over the past four years- in the newspaper, throughout Montrose, and in her community. But more than all that, I am proud of the kind and thoughtful person she has grown into. I’m so excited to cheer her on in whatever comes next!

Maevis has written countless articles over the years, each one encapsulating her talent for journalism. When asked about her own favorite article, Maevis immediately knew which had stood out for her the most. At Fr. Dick’s funeral reception in December of 2020, Dr. Bohlin asked Maevis if she would be willing to ask Montrose students about their memories of Fr. Dick and write an article about it. “I ended up just exploring around the A&A, filled with so many people from the Montrose community — some of whom I’d never met, others that I had — and I asked them questions about how much they loved Fr. Dick, a favorite memory, what he meant to them. It was a really beautiful opportunity, especially because I felt that I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the Looking Glass. Some people were brought to tears, other people just had so much laughter about their memories, and I just remember feeling really, really honored to be part of the Montrose community.”

Newer Endeavors: Maevis’s Role at Montrose

Remarkably, Maevis recently assumed another massive leadership role in the Montrose community as this year’s Student Body President. The Stud Gov Exec Team has faced a very different set of challenges than years’ past: planning Zoom Common Homerooms, socially distanced Christmas traditions, and a COVID-safe Field Day has involved significant adjustments and logistics. “It’s been a bumpy ride, but the privilege of being the editor of our paper and also president of Student Government, which sounds so weird still, has given me so many opportunities to interact with students,” Maevis said. 

When the team was picking a theme this year, it was Maevis who suggested resilience. Later, she spearheaded the all-school Resilience Movement in the weeks leading up to the Presidential Election. Maevis exemplified what a strong student leader looks like throughout this past year. She’s beloved by upper and middle schoolers alike, and the Common Homerooms next year will not be the same without her wide smile to brighten the Zoom atmospheres. “For me — I think other student leaders would definitely say the same — it’s not really about a ranking or hierarchy. It’s really just about who wants to give the most passion to everyone during their day. That’s a really beautiful way to look at community building and friendships, and I’ve learned a lot with that mindset.

The remainder of the Exec Team — Gabriella, Kasey, and Catherine — are hugely grateful for Maevis’s endless energy, ideas, and leadership as they faced the year together. 

What’s Next

There is no doubt Maevis has grown exponentially as a person, mentor, friend, and leader at Montrose. Like many others at this school, she discovered her passions and talents as well as learning from others around her, as we saw with the influence of Looking Glass alumna. “I think I’ve always been a writer. I mean, I started writing stories when I was five, and I’ve always loved seeing the world as a writer. I guess now I’m still taking things in, for sure, I still feel like that new girl, but I’ve learned to take every risk and opportunity possible to see the best in others as possible. I’ve learned that from so many student leaders at Montrose, and one of the best things is that student leadership is not just a position. It’s a calling, and it takes up your brain and heart space, it stretches you, and it brings you to stretch other people.” 

In an effort fueled by her love for her “tiny town” and her passion for all things politics, Maevis was appointed as a campaign manager for a candidate running for Medway’s Select Board. She has planned standouts, created a website, and managed the candidate’s social media platforms while simultaneously leading three of Montrose’s largest clubs and completing her senior Capstone. “I’ve adored this process, but every day I tell myself that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve Googled ‘how to be a campaign manager’ multiple times,” she said. The role, Maevis explained, is essentially a series of risk-taking efforts — much like her position in Student Government and the Looking Glass. “I have no background with how things are supposed to be, so it’s all about just fostering creativity of risk taking towards everything I’m doing.” 

As a recent Catholic University Honors College commit (on a generous scholarship), with a couple of waitlist ivies in the wings, Maevis plans to major in political science or international relations and minor in global or refugee studies. “Obviously, I hope to work on the newspaper — I can’t wait for college journalism — but who knows, in ten years I could be in the Peace Corps, foriegn policy, local politics, or I could be, like, a computer scientist,” she grinned. “I have no idea what’s going to happen, but, whatever it is, I’m very willing to take a non-traditional route to get there.”

Through her amazing leadership in Looking Glass and StudGov, her role in managing a local political campaign, and her relationships with teachers and students at Montrose, Maevis has left a profound impact on our school and in her community. In everything she does, Maevis’s tenacity and dedication shines through in the product of her hard work. While balancing a rigorous schedule in her four years at Montrose, Maevis has not only been a core part of many clubs at Montrose, but has become a true friend to so many students. In the words of close friend and fellow senior, Amira Akar ‘21: “Maevis is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met, and she not only works hard for what she wants to achieve, but she works hard for others. She supports and participates in what others are fighting for or aiming to achieve and I respect her greatly for that. I’m so glad I met her in freshman year because she has taught me so much about the world and she is always interested to hear what people have to say and what they have to bring to the table. I am certain that she is going places and I can’t wait to see what the world has to offer her.”

Maevis, we speak for the whole Montrose community when we say how grateful we are to have seen you in action. We’ve learned from your enthusiasm, tenacity, and service to this school and its students. Thank you for everything you have done for Stud Gov, Model UN, Soldier Support, and especially for our newspaper. We have no doubt that you will do incredible things with your life, and we can’t wait to watch it happen. 


The Looking Glass

Erica Brown ‘22, Spandana Vagwala ‘22, & Kasey Corra’22, Co-Editors-in-Chief and Assistant Co-Editor-in-Chief,,