AP Chemistry Class Review


Mrs. Baker

AP Chemistry students participating in a lab experiment.

There are many AP classes at Montrose that you can choose from, and many more to come in the next school year. One of the APs that is new for the current school year and that has definitely caught some attention is AP Chemistry. It might sound a little scary and challenging. I won’t lie to you, sometimes it is, but Mrs. Baker is a great teacher. She has helped us all the way through and always looks for ways that we can understand the material better.

I came mid-year to the class, and there were four girls taking it, but we had fun and we always helped each other when we didn’t understand something. The class itself is not as hard and challenging as you would imagine. The first semester of AP Chem, you will cover themes that you might’ve covered in Chemistry class, but in AP you will cover them more profoundly. You will also learn how to do a lab and how to analyze the experiment. For the second semester of the class, you’ll cover more in depth themes like equilibrium, pH, thermodynamics, and so on. 

This class will definitely prepare you for college; if you’re interested in a scientific major or pre med I would recommend taking it, and if you just want to take it for fun and learn from it, go for it! It is a class you do have to put an effort into to constantly keep up with work, but all of this will prepare you for the AP Exam and for the Quick Quiz Fridays you’ll have. Not everything in the class is labs and homeworks; we also have fun labs and different activities that help you understand the material in a way that is fun and dynamic.

In my opinion, the teacher plays a big part in whether or not you like the class. Mrs. Baker makes you like the subject and encourages us to ask any questions we have.She’ll always answer them and will be happy to help you. 

For those who are wondering whether or not to take it, do it, go for it, you’ll like it. It is always good to know the basics about the subject before deciding to take its AP level, but I promise you that you’ll learn a lot from it and if you have a class as fun as mine, you will definitely leave with amazing memories. 


Paulina Méndez Escalante ’22, Contributing Writer