Why Doesn’t Montrose Have a Library?


Credit: The Medfield Patch

The Medfield Library stands only a minute walk from the Montrose campus, so students often head there after school.

Although many schools can say that they have an on-site library, Montrose has access to the Medfield Public Library, with two floors and a Teen Room — all in close proximity to a Starbucks. With a full-service library just a few minutes away, Montrose students have a plethora of outlets for research and academic endeavors.

The partnership between Montrose and the Medfield Public Library started in 2013. At that time, teachers in English, history and science developed a new research curriculum, which allowed Montrose students to use the research database at the Medfield Public Library. With the partnership, Montrose students were also given library cards, access to numerous e-books through either Montrose-based or home computers, and tours of the town library. This plan fulfilled the school’s goal of helping students acquire research skills. 

Students at 59 North Street are also welcome to the book nook. This corner of the Media Center is a quiet, on-campus place for studying or reading. It’s utilized most during Enrichment Reading, a time for students to collect their thoughts and enrich their minds. 

It’s been almost a decade since this partnership was created as a result of months of planning that involved multiple Montrose departments. Since then, the resources available to Montrose students have only grown. “Our students also use the Boston Public Library databases,” said Director of Student Learning and Leadership Mrs. Barbara Whitlock. She added: “The ninth grade is visiting with [a] reference librarian there on November 18, in [preparation] for National History Day.” 

Despite the absence of a library at Montrose, students are still offered copious research and learning opportunities to satisfy their research needs. While Montrose is without an on-site library, students are not deprived of the experience of scanning the bookshelves or diving further into a topic that interests them.

Megan Cloherty ’26, Contributing Writer