The Girl With Butterfly Wings


Monarch butterfly in the grass

There once was a girl with butterfly wings 

Who soared through the sky 

          On golden strings 


She swooped down to rest in the meadow below 

The wildflowers whistled in the breeze that blew towards the east 

The small whisper of crickets among the leaves 

A soft glisten of white light on swans fragile feathers 


She dove  in the lake glistening with sun 

Never to be scorched 

Rocked by the waves and cradled by earth 

The earth sang a song every time her feet touched the ground 

A small little heart beat that made the world pound 


One wish from the thousands of dandelion puffs

One single want from hundreds of ladybugs

Luck hung from trees weaved into threads 

      Emotions tangled but never dead


Millions of lights flicker at night 

Scattering the ground with glowing might 

She glides through the wind 

Landing from flower to flower 

Never knowing what she could find 


The girl who climbed the tallest trees 

Who planted the seeds 



As dawn turns to dusk

Dusk turns to night 

Never a signal of any fright 

Then grows dawn from a burning star 

Following, light, through the sun 

The girl flutters her wings 

And when it is time 

She flies

         back to reality 

by Olivia Lipson ’25, Creative Writing Editor