National Honor Society Letter to Montrose Students


Adam Richins

Montrose Students, Anya Marino ’24 and Rosie Reale ’24, study together during Common Time

Dear Montrose Students, 


Confused about what’s happening in class? Want a little extra help? Want to boost that Semester report card coming in? Or do you just work better talking out your homework with someone else? The NHS tutoring program at Montrose might be right for you! 

When you’re a part of the NHS tutoring program, you get access to a tutor in the NHS program who has specifically chosen to sign up for your desired subject. As Academics is one of the four pillars of NHS, your tutor will already be a strong student in whatever area you need help in. Julia Maione ‘24, who has been a tutee for math in the past, said of the experience: “It was so helpful. I was not passing math before, but I passed math afterward! The tutors were so understanding and took the time to explain everything patiently. It was lovely.”

Your tutor can help you with your homework, go over a specific concept or topic you’re struggling with, or help you study for a test coming up — whatever you may need! Your NHS tutor works with you to tailor your tutoring to your individual academic strengths and challenges.  Tutors can meet with you on a weekly basis, or on an as-needed schedule. Said Brynn O’Brien ‘24: “I had a tutor for French and that was probably the most helpful because we could go really far back and cover the basics, so I could get a better foundation.” The meeting times are also flexible based on your schedule and needs — some people meet with their tutor weekly while others just meet as needed. Either way, the program is designed to ensure that you can get the support you need for whatever classes and concepts are causing you trouble. 

If you would like to be considered for tutoring, ask the teacher of whatever class you’d like help in to put you on the NHS tutoring list, and you’ll be matched with an NHS member in no time. Tutoring is an amazing resource that can really make a difference in your academic life, and if you’ve ever wondered whether you might benefit, I would highly recommend it. 



Emma Barry 

NHS Leader of Academics and Leadership

Emma Barry ’22, Ask Alice Editor