Hearing Their Stories: 7th Grade Interview Project


Credit: Story Corps

The Story Corps project is known and loved by all Montrosians who take Mrs. Roberts’s 7th grade English class.

From November into December, the seventh grade has been working on an interview project for language arts class. The idea of the project was to take some time during Thanksgiving break to sit down with an older family member and ask them about their childhood and ask questions about things you are interested in learning about them. The project was a wonderful chance to learn things about my Grammy that I otherwise never would have known. 

In class, we worked on putting together a list of questions to ask. We made a plan with our interview subject on when we would meet and whether it would be in-person or virtual. We also planned how we would record the information from the interview. We could type notes, film the interview, or use an app called Story Corps to audio record it.

My Grammy never really talks about her childhood, so this was a good opportunity to ask about it. I learned that we have some things in common. She loved anything with water such as swimming, boating, fishing, and the beach. She loved the beach. I also love being in water such as swimming in a pool. Grammy had a lot of struggles as a child. Her parents passed away when she was young, so she had to be independent and make tough decisions growing up. Because of her positive attitude, my Grammy was strong in faith and used her past challenges to be grateful for everything she has.

My classmates also enjoyed this project. Mia Cahill Farella ‘27 said, “I really enjoyed learning more about my extended family.” Bridget Devaney ‘27 said, “I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about my grandfather and spend time with him.”

I loved doing this project. It was a great way to sit down and spend time with my Grammy.

Amy De Winter ’27, Staff Writer