Void of Avoidance


Toby VanWeston

A drawing of a girl experiencing overwhelming anxiety


Falling in a void

The void of avoidance

“Missing assignment-”

“Did you try your best-”

Block it out

I can’t move

I can’t think

I can’t change

Tho I know

I  must

Get back to the way

 I was before 

no more

Void Of Avoidance

But no matter how hard I try

To work my way up 

to the surface

Avoidance asserts its power

And I’m falling 


in this void

of Fool’s paradise

just Going through the motions


motivation comes and goes


But when fear strikes-

Avoidance grips a stronghold and i fall



this is not a lost cause

I am in control

I control the void.

It does not control me.

I control my actions.

I can choose to fight it. 

I will choose to fight. 


By Elizabeth Barrett ‘23, Contributing Writer