Never Leaving Neverland


A starry night sky

Peter Pan, don’t land

let’s stay in Neverland

Take me down that Rabbit hole

let me grow a whole three feet

I would love to meet a hare and a mad man

serving tea and cake

but here I am

my reflection in the lake

different than it was ten years ago

when growing up was all a dream

or so it seemed

Alice grew and cried

and I see why

No bubbles blowing to the heavens

no getting Marybeth into troubles

Dressing Dolls

Chasing old Caterpillars in the skies

Peter Pan, I wanted to Believe

but they threw my pixie dust into the sea

The Bumblebees stung me

wasn’t it just yesterday

when I was three

learning the letter Q

or waiting in the Queues to the bathroom

with mud on our knees

as we stared at the crescent in the sun’s land

but now

life is just so bland


Imagination lingers

Curiosity’s lazy

but why

the world is still a mystery

like the old caterpillar crawling on the concrete

where he went to

no one knows

but the butterfly buzzed in my ear and winked like wendy

Peter Pan play your pipes

Don’t let me grow up

I’ll get lost down your rabbit hole

with the lost boys

curious and curious

Captain Hook Can’t Scare us

he believes just like us

he never grew up

by Abbie Lindblad ’24, Arts and Entertainment Editor